3 better alternatives to Apple’s wall chargers

The new iPhone 14 is already out and while we’ve been somewhat impressed with the phone’s stats, we were left annoyed and disappointed to find out that the box features no charger. You’ll find a charging cable but no wall charger. That is incredibly annoying and definitely something you wouldn’t expect with such a high-end … Read more

Mozilla is looking for a scapegoat

Mozilla recently released a 60-page report calling on regulators to take action to give consumers a “meaningful opportunity to try alternative browsers.” Alas, the problem for Mozilla isn’t anti-competitive practices from rival browser makers. The problem is competition itself, and Mozilla lost. Mozilla says its mission is to “rally citizens,” “connect leaders,” and “shape the … Read more

The importance of monitoring machine learning models

Agile development teams must ensure that microservices, applications, and databases are observable, have monitoring in place to identify operational issues, and use AIops to correlate alerts into manageable incidents. When users and business stakeholders want enhancements, many devops teams follow agile methodologies to process feedback and deploy new versions. Even if there are a few … Read more

Virtual Mac desktop is enticing, but it’s best used as a wearable large screen

I still remember meeting Xu Chi, the founder of augmented reality glasses maker Nreal, three years ago. We were meeting at a Hong Kong co-working space, just a few hours before he was set to fly to Las Vegas, where was going to introduce his company’s first augmented reality (AR) glasses at CES 2019. I … Read more

A mid-price sweeping, mopping and auto-empty robot

People buy robot vacuum cleaners to make their daily cleaning easier and effortless. But standalone robot vacuums have a small dustbin, which is good for a few cycles but it does require human intervention regularly to empty. And emptying the onboard dustbin on a robot vacuum cleaner can become a tedious task if you have … Read more

How to manually install OxygenOS OTA updates on your OnePlus phone

Sometimes, you need to install a system software update manually on your phone. Be it because the new one has yet to go live in your region, has introduced a new feature on a different update channel, or simply because you have rooted your device and can’t take the regular OTA, there are ample reasons … Read more

How to upgrade the SSD on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 5

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 5 is one of the company’s most powerful business laptops, and it’s also one of the most configurable. Most ThinkPads are somewhat well-known for being highly configurable, but the ThinkPad X1 Extreme is a very high-performance machine and it has lots of room of upgrades. But because of that, … Read more

Foldables are cool, but they’re not as good as Samsung wants you to think they are

When many people think about the best foldable phones, I think the idea that resides in their minds is a smartphone that can transform into a tablet. It is the ultimate blend of productivity and portability. While the technology is still young right now, in the future, the dream is that you will have a … Read more

Why I upgraded to an Apple Watch Series 7 right after the Series 8 launch

A few weeks ago, during its Far Out event, the Cupertino firm launched a wide variety of Apple Watch models. Interestingly, we got an all-new Ultra variant that caters to extreme athletes, in addition to a budget SE 2 model. While I’ve crowned the Apple Watch Series 8 as the best model for most users, … Read more