algorithm – Matlab mix file simulation result of my genetic model are incorrect

I’m working on a project were I want to generate c code for a motor speed control model using simulink coder. The code has already been generated and some modifications were also did according to what a I want to do: I want to run simulation (executable mix file of code version of the model) … Read more

Kafka Fail-Over Using Quarkus Reactive Messaging

Background Recently, I came across a scenario where, at first glance, we needed an active-active Kafka cluster with bi-directional replication using MirrorMaker2. However, while diving deeper into the nuances of the solution that this particular project demanded, a number of factors showed this wasn’t really the case. For example, a look at how the producers/consumers … Read more

How to get AID for a specific NFC TAG

I am trying to read an NFC tag of type ISO 14443-3a (NXP – NTAG215) with NFCTagReaderSession. With NFCNDEFReaderSession It works without any problems. However, since I only support devices from iOS 13 and need access to various other tag information (tag ID, etc.), I use NFCTagReaderSession: session = NFCTagReaderSession(pollingOption: [.iso14443, .iso15693, .iso18092], delegate: self) … Read more

How to Hash, Salt, and Verify Passwords in NodeJS, Python, Golang, and Java

Storing passwords can be a nuance due to the liability of them being compromised. To make matters worse, users tend to reuse passwords across services which makes storing them securely even more important. The aim behind storing passwords securely is that even if the database containing them is compromised, the attacker can’t decipher any user’s … Read more

c++/windows.h calculator app. How do I input text from buttons to textbox ?? : learnprogramming

I am new to programing with windows.h and I can’t seem to find good info that I need for my project. I have couple questions: How do I send button text to the text box? I have created buttons (from 0 to 9 …) the buttons don’t have any code in them. For example when … Read more

File Uploads With Angular and RxJS | by Bobby Galli | May, 2022

Add a powerful, elegant file upload control to your Angular application Magic Internet Person Delivering Files to the Cloud (Khakimullin Aleksandr) Data transfer is a ubiquitous part of software applications. The File Upload control permeates the technology ecosystem from Apple to Zoom and is a component that many interact with daily. This tutorial demonstrates how … Read more

The Evolution of Configuration Management: IaC vs. GitOps

Misconfigurations are the leading cause behind security incidents in Kubernetes-orchestrated or otherwise containerized environments. Without proper configuration in place, applications would run into problems ranging from noncompliance and inconsistencies to performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and functionality failure. Therefore, configuration management is a critical component in a software development lifecycle for maintaining systems in a desired, … Read more