Multi-tenancy Architecture With Shared Schema Strategy in Webapp Application Based on Spring-boot, Thymeleaf, and Posmulten-hibernate (Part 1)

Potential Problem and Solution Let’s imagine that we are a SaaS solution provider. Your customers are primarily companies that want to have their own space in the scope of your service where their users can work together around your service. In this article, we will refer to your clients as tenants. The solution uses a … Read more

How To Setup a Clean and Scalable Architecture in Android and Kotlin for Multiplatform Mobile Apps | by Mukul Jangir | Aug, 2022

A guide to help you develop easily There has always been an open debate on which architecture we should choose and why we need architecture, blah, blah, blah. In Android development, people are always confused when choosing MVVM, MVP, and MVC architecture. But yeah! Most people choose MVVM because of the model-view-view-model relation. But in … Read more

PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #538 (Aug. 16, 2022)

#538 – AUGUST 16, 2022 View in Browser » NLP Forward With Transformer Models and Attention What’s the big breakthrough for Natural Language Processing (NLP) that has advanced machine learning into deep learning? What makes these transformer models unique, and what defines “attention?” This week on the show, Jodie Burchell, developer advocate for data science … Read more

Synthetic Data Generation for Computer Vision in Blender | by Alex Martinelli | Aug, 2022

(part 1) Example synth data from, and Microsoft “Fake It Till You Make It” What: This entry gives an introduction to synthetic-data-generation, and how you can use it via Blender to train performant and robust vision models. We’ll provide an overview of the Blender setup and, for demonstrative purposes, present a concrete visual … Read more

Create Mule Custom Connection Using Java SDK

Connectors in Mule are also called Extensions or Module. Every connector in Mule has the following important elements, Components – Given a set of parameters, Components can be executed to produce or alter messages in a flow. Sources and Operations are the most common components of a module. Configuration – Configurations are a set of … Read more

Developing Reusable and Customizable Modals With React and TypeScript | by L Javier Tovar | Aug, 2022

How to make a complete modal with React Portals and styled-components Photo by Vincent Giersch on Unsplash As a frontend developer, you have probably had to build a modal window on more than one occasion. This type of element differs from the typical pop-ups because it does not appear automatically, but it is the user … Read more

The Good and the Bad of .NET Development Framework

.NET development framework has gained a lot of popularity in the dev market. It is used by millions of developers to create a variety of software applications. The reason is that .NET offers a plethora of features to develop any type of software product as per the given requirements. Furthermore, the platform has seen great … Read more

Big Data Processing, Apache Spark: Design Patterns

In my previous post, I demonstrated how Spark creates and serializes tasks. In this post, I show how to utilize this knowledge to construct Spark applications in a maintainable and upgradable way, where at the same time “task not serializable” exceptions are avoided. When I participated in a big data project, I needed to program … Read more

Unit Testing Test Doubles and Exploring the Mocking Framework in Kotlin | by Haitham Ayyash | Aug, 2022

An in-depth guide to this helpful program Photo by Mari Helin on Unsplash If you don’t know anything about unit testing, you can look at my previous articles: The Basics of Android Unit Testing and Android Unit Testing — Choosing Naming Convention and Test Cases. Test Doubles are used to substitute external dependencies for the … Read more

Playwright: Test Automation You Must Know

If you love to automate and test applications, you have good news. A new tool is there in the market to grab your attention and satisfy your needs for test automation. Playwright is an open-source, powerful, and reliable framework to perform end-to-end automation testing of modern web applications. It is filled with features like Cross-browser … Read more