10+ Best NFT Courses in 2022

The demand for NFT professionals is increasing as the non-fungible token (NFT) market expands and changes. Some people may find it challenging to comprehend NFTs as a whole. It is, nonetheless, an easy-to-use technology at its core. Many NFT courses are available online to assist you in learning NFT programming, developing your own NFTs, or simply investing in an NFT marketplace.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have been a booming concept lately, driving great attention and investment. The concept of an NFT is simple but unlocks massive opportunities.

The growing popularity of NFTs has fueled demand for online courses that teach newcomers and interested minds how to manufacture and trade NFTs on the blockchain. The best NFT classes available online are shown here, suited for both beginners and those who are intimidated.

If you want to learn everything about NFT technology, how it works, and why it’s valuable, you just need to pick one NFT course from our list! We’ve created a complete list of the best NFT courses in 2022, whether you’re looking to become an expert or you just want to learn about one of the most disruptive global technologies.

What Are NFTs?

Any course that aims to teach NFT to beginners must start out by thoroughly defining what an NFT is. In a summary, an NFT is a non-fungible token that represents something distinct and hence cannot be substituted by another object, even if it is identical. The finest NFT course will cover both the underlying technology and applications for it.

Consider an NFT like a transactional receipt. An NFT may record that you purchased an item, when, and for how much. The implications of this type of transaction are quite widespread. Today, you can use an NFT to transfer art, real estate, and cars, or even hold contracts. Tomorrow, who knows what the future holds?

Best NFT Courses in 2022

An NFT class can be a career starter for anyone, from seasoned NFT developers to total newbies to NFT programming. The most effective NFT classes, in our opinion, are thorough, simple to understand, and relatable. Although NFT technology may seem confusing at first, you can grasp the fundamentals in just an hour.

1. NFT – NFTs Essentials Training Course 2022

NFT – NFTs Essentials Training Course 2022. Image credits: Skillshare.

Lectures: 60 | Length: 11h 10m | By: Amir Rimer

The NFT – NFTs Essentials Training Course 2022 by Amir Rimer is perhaps the most detailed course on non-fungible tokens. This class has 60 lectures totaling over 11 hours, including many bonuses and FAQ videos. It covers everything from the basics to advanced concepts and will train you to master everything there is to know about NFTs.

Trading NFTs, producing 2D and 3D art without any prior experience, uploading digital art to a marketplace, and it on social media are all examples of this. The nicest thing about this course is that it also covers topics on more recent platforms, such Polygon and Solana, which are well-liked by seasoned artists because of their cheaper transportation costs.

It is the perfect combination of learning and practical experience. It also features class projects that will help you materialize ideas into reality and downloadable PDFs that will assist you during the course. Overall, it is one of the best courses on NFTs for users of all skill levels.

Experience: Beginner | Rating: 4.8/5.0 | Duration: 11 hours

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2. Udemy’s NFT Fundamentals (Buy, Create, and Sell NFTs) by George Level

Learn everything you need to know about how to buy, create, and sell NFTs, within a single short video course.

Beginners will learn about NFTs in this course, as well as how to manufacture, sell, and use popular NFT platforms. Three downloadable resources, 2.5 hours of video training, and a completion certificate are all included in this course. Students will be guided through practical NFT activities, the fundamentals of the blockchain, and a simple, six-step process for developing and selling NFTs.

Experience: Beginner | Rating: 4.6/5.0 | Duration: 2.5 hours | Price: $18.99

3. NasAcademy’s Master NFTs in 7 Days by Ben Yu & Curious Addys

This 7-day course will walk you through the basics of NFT technology, including how to buy, sell, and mint NFTs.

The 20-hour Master NFTs in 7 Days course by Ben Yu covers the principles of NFTs in an efficient manner. The value of NFTs, how to start, trade NFTs, pick the best NFTs to buy, mint NFTs, and other NFT kinds will all be taught to students. Students will graduate from this course with a thorough understanding of utilizing and building NFTs.

Experience: Beginner | Rating: 9.2/10.0 | Duration: 7 Days | Price: $249

4. 101 Blockchain’s NFT Fundamentals Course

A comprehensive NFT fundamentals course provided to members of 101 Blockchains that’s perfect for those who want a complete overview of how NFTs work and how to use them.

This eight-module NFT basics course is available only to members of 101 Blockchains. Students will gain knowledge of NFT fundamentals, history, application cases, NFT marketplaces, and other topics. Students should be able to manufacture, purchase, and sell NFTs after the course, as well as effortly navigating the marketplaces utilized for transactions.

Experience: Beginner | Duration: 3 Hours | Price: $25/Month

5. How to Market & Grow Your NFT Project

Lectures: 14 | Length: 1h 7m | By: Ali Matar

In the online era, marketing is just as important as the finished product. You can have trouble selling your art if you have a fantastic NFT collection but your artwork isn’t effectively promoted on websites and social media. The How to Market & Grow Your NFT Enterprise by digital entrepreneur Ali Matar focuses exclusively on marketing, which is a crucial component for the success of any NFT project.

Other than the basics, this course teaches you how to evaluate the value of your art, grow your following on social media, create a community project, and earn money, among other things. In short, this course will help you channel the hype around NFTs so that you can start your career as an NFT artist.

6. Build an NFT Marketplace – Moralis Academy

Image NFT Courses Online - Build an NFT Marketplace, Moralis Academy

Build an NFT Marketplace (visit website) by Moralis Academy is an intermediate-level program to help learners create and deploy their decentralized apps (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Before enrolling in this popular online NFT course, learners must have some practical experience with programming and the crypto ecosystem.

Moralis Academy has created this course to aid learners to understand end-to-end dApp development, which is the backbone of web3. During this pragmatic journey, you will have the opportunity to test and build your own dApps and smart contracts.

Building the front end is the focus of the first portion of the class. The complexity of smart contracts, web3.js, cat breeding, and the NFT market will then be introduced to the class. You’ll have a good understanding of Web3.js, MetaMask, Ganache, and Truffle at the conclusion. For programmers and computer lovers, this is among the top online NFT courses.

7. ZTM’s NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs by Mo Binni

Learn how to develop your own NFT and sell it on OpenSea through this step-by-step guide.

In this thorough introduction, Mo Binni explains to students what NFTs are, the fundamentals of Ethereum and Blockchain technology, what smart contracts are, how to use Blockchain wallets, and how to safeguard NFTs. For individuals who are just beginning to learn more about NFTs, ZTM’s NFT 101 course is the perfect option. Not only is it brief—about an hour—but it also comes with a completion certificate.

Experience: Beginner | Duration: 1 hour | Price: $39/month

8. LinkedIn’s Introduction to NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens by Jonathan Reichental

Presented by an award-winning technology leader (and offering a certificate of completion), this all-in-one NFT course is ideal for beginners.

Discover the differences between fungible and non-fungible tokens, the relationship between NFTs and Bitcoin and the Blockchain, how to develop NFTs, and the potential applications of NFTs in the coming years of technology. This primer on NFTs is ideal for those who are new to the field and want to learn more about the technology; it covers all the fundamentals in under an hour.

9. Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) – 101 Blockchains

Image NFT Courses Online - Certified NFT Professional, 101 Blockchains

The Certified NFT Professional on 101 Blockchains is a beginner-level course for individuals who wish to acquaint themselves with NFTs from scratch.

In this popular NFT course, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the Ethereum blockchain. It covers the scope and objectives of the NFTs; the best practices for buying, trading, and selling NFTs; and identifying the lucrative opportunities in this field.

You will also learn how and why the blockchain and NFTs have taken over the digital landscape and revolutionized the ownership of digital assets. The NFT course discusses important use cases, challenges, risks, and benefits associated with trading these tokens.

Other essential ideas include the building blocks of Blockchain, the distinction between crypto, NFTs and tokens, the Metaverse, the authenticity and transferability of NFTs, challenges connected to copyright and fraud, smart contracts, or the development of NFTs. If you want to approach NFTs from a career-focused perspective, this course is among the best online.

10. Easy ways to Create 3d NFT Artworks

Easy ways to Create 3d NFT Artworks
Easy ways to Create 3d NFT Artworks. Image credits: Udemy.

Lectures: 15 | Length: 2h 3m | By Lanre Kolawole

One of the most well-liked categories of NFTs today is 3D digital art. They may be used in the majority of video games in the metaverse and are more useful than their 2D equivalents. In addition, they can be used as avatars in virtual reality or as profile photographs on social media. Since making 3D NFT requires a specific talent and there aren’t many of them available, its worth and collectibility among aficionados has increased.

Instructor Lanre Kolawole is a 3D visualization artist and is one of the most popular trainers for 3D design, with almost 50K students participating in his eight courses. In his latest course, Easy ways to Create 3d NFT Artworksyou will learn how to make simple, complex, and usable 3D models by yourself without the need for prior blockchain or design knowledge.

11. NFT Investing Masterclass: Pro Tips NFT Investing – Udemy

Image NFT Courses Online - NFT Investing Masterclass, Udemy

Udemy’s NFT Masterclass is a step-by-step guide to proficiently investing in the world of NFTs. There are no prerequisites and individuals must only possess passion and curiosity to seek out the workings driving this industry. By the end, you should be able to confidently expand into the fast-paced world of NFTs and begin investing.

NFT investing, NFT portfolio construction, money and risk management, and opportunity identification are some of the important skills covered in this course. You will have a sufficient understanding of some of the fundamental ideas in NFT after avoiding the course, including but not limited to NFT evaluation tools, NFT scams, and how to them.

Students will also learn about ownership and copyrights, legality, minting generative art, NFT staking, the marketplaces and cybersecurity. This is among the best NFT courses online for beginners and students seeking an affordable class to get started.

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