javascript – JS/React How to prevent data from being fetched if URL doesn’t exist?

I’m writing an APP that fetches data from an API – based on user’s actions. I have a problem, because I have a search bar that changes the value of state. Then I use that state in the place of ${search} in this link var baseUrl = `${search}&apikey=demo`; using that link I then fetch data … Read more

html – Need to clear all textboxes inside several group in C# (Control.control not being recognised in my version)

This is a common problem. In fact, I ALSO have a routine to fill the text boxes from the database. So, now I don’t have to write my binding code. so, I tend to have two routines: loader() This routine takes ONE data row, and push out to a set of controls (I place them … Read more

Memory Debugging and Watch Annotations

Before diving into debugging memory issues and the other amazing running process, memory debugging capabilities (which are amazing)… I want to discuss a point I left open in the last duckling post. Back there we discussed customizing the watch renderer. This is super cool! But it’s also tedious. Before we continue, if you prefer, I … Read more

python multiprocessing getting empty result

This is the regular function without using multiprocessing def runMonte(loanpool, structured_securities, tolerance, NSIM): structured_securities.addTranche(0.8, 0.05, 0) structured_securities.addTranche(0.2, 0.08, 1) tranche_percent = [0.8, 0.2] coeff = [1.2, 0.8] # Tranche A has coeff of 1.2, Tranche B has coeff of 0.8 rates = [0.05, 0.08] # Tranche A has rate of 5%, Tranche B has rate … Read more