How to install Android 13 on Google Pixel and other Android devices

Android 13 is currently available as a beta release. The flashaholics will be delighted to know that Google has already made the system images available for download. You can give it a shot right now if you’ve got the right hardware, but there aren’t as many supported devices this time around. All you’ve got to … Read more

c# – preventing the item to add to the dictionary

In addition to this question: I want to create a hierarchical list in a 3 level category. My data are in the following ways: var appCategoryList = new List<AppCategoryDataModel>() { new AppCategoryDataModel() { AppCategoryId = 4844, ParentappCategoryId = null , AppCategoryName = “ItemResearch”, ProtocolId = 5164, ProtocolTitle=”ABC: Evaluation” }, new AppCategoryDataModel() { AppCategoryId = 4844, … Read more

What is a data lake? Massively scalable storage for big data analytics

In 2011, James Dixon, then CTO of the business intelligence company Pentaho, coined the term data lake. He described the data lake in contrast to the information silos typical of data marts, which were popular at the time: If you think of a data mart as a store of bottled water—cleansed and packaged and structured … Read more

Flow Navigation With SwiftUI (Revisited) | by Nick McConnell | Apr, 2022

How to implement navigation effectively in your codebases This is a revisit of a previous couple of articles on creating a decoupled navigation flow (part 1 and part 2). Times have changed and SwiftUI, NavigationView, and my own perspective are now different (and simpler!) so thought it was worthwhile re-evaluating. I’ve recently been re-looking my … Read more