6 ways to package Python apps for re-use

Python’s explosive growth over the last decade has shown the world it’s a powerful and flexible way to accomplish very nearly anything you want to do in computing. It’s also clear that Python still has a few painful shortcomings that can’t be ignored. One of Python’s biggest shortcomings is that it’s hard, often unreasonably so, … Read more

makefile – How to add external library (ODE) to OpenFrameworks QTCreator application (C++)

I’m trying to make a small graphical simulation using Open dynamics engine and Open Frameworks for my University course and I’m having trouble adding an external library to my make/config.make file and my lecturer couldn’t figure it out so here it goes. Apologies but I’m pretty newbie to C++. I’m including ode as a header … Read more

Eng Metrics Benchmarks: What Makes Elite Teams?

DORA Metrics and Beyond In 2014 the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team published their first State of DevOps report, identifying four metrics that can be used to measure engineering team performance. Six months ago the Data Science Team at LinearB decided to continue where DORA left off, digging deeper into the data than ever … Read more

Lists vs Tuples in Python

Introduction Lists and tuples are two of the most commonly used data structures in Python, with dictionary being the third. Lists and tuples have many similarities: They are both sequence data types that store a collection of items They can store items of any data type And any item is accessible via its index. So … Read more

How the blockchain is evolving | InfoWorld

The blockchain is well known for firing digital currencies. Although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have the lion’s share of media attention, there is another revolutionary possibility inherent in blockchain technology: secure, decentralized data processing. Don’t let the dull wording dent your enthusiasm. Newer blockchain systems propose to create a global, distributed Turing machine upon which a … Read more

Cloud Computing Architecture for Healthcare

Due to the changing environment of technological innovations and its transition to cloud computing architecture, the demand for exploring its possibilities within various industries and markets emerges. It is a valuable tool for dealing with various operational, managerial, and research issues. Delivering such benefits, cloud computing architecture became a desirable target for diverse on-premises applications … Read more

python – AttributeError: module ‘pandas.plotting._matplotlib’ has no attribute ‘plot’

I am at a complete loss as to what is causing this problem, so hopefully someone here can help. Basically, I have built a GUI application using PyQt5 that works perfectly when ran as a .py file, no errors at all, but when I converted it to an .exe file using cx_freeze, my plotting function … Read more

Debugging Python Code Is Like Detective Work — Let’s Investigate

Debugging Python code is not a mysterious art form. It’s like a detective solving a mystery. This analogy comes from one of my favorite programming aphorisms: “Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.” (Felipe Fortes). So what can real detectives tell us about debugging Python code? … Read more

Why Do Developers Need Code Signing Certificate to Secure Mobile Applications?

The mobile application industry is thriving day after day. The success of this industry is majorly necessitated by the increase in smartphone usage. Statista estimates that there will be close to 7.6 billion smartphone users by 2027. Mobile applications enhance android functionality and come with many benefits to the user. Developers should take advantage of … Read more