Deploy with Vercel and MongoDB Atlas without even trying

One of the most interesting MongoDB World 2022 announcements is the release of Vercel-MongoDB integration. What we are seeing here is the gradual simplification and standardization of integrating large infrastructure components. You are able to capitalize on a great deal of power in your data store and host with a minimum of architectural fuss. Less … Read more

Which value flagship to buy?

Xiaomi launched the Mi 11X and the Mi 11X Pro last year in India to conquer the country’s premium phone market. The Mi 11X, in particular, was an exciting phone because it had the power to dent the long-standing dominance of many devices in the sub-premium flagship segment with its ₹30,000 (~$390) price tag. But … Read more

How to bootloader unlock the T-Mobile LG Velvet and root it with Magisk

Unlocking the bootloader, rooting a device, and flashing aftermarket ROMs are popular hobbies here at XDA. The power user community holds the ability to mod their devices in high regard, and they almost find no interest in phones if they are not able to be bootloader unlocked. Many legacy devices are actually kept alive by … Read more

Databriks adds data governance, marketplace features

Along with open sourcing Delta Lake at its annual Data + AI Summit, data lake provider Databriks on Tuesday launched a new data marketplace along with new data engineering features. The new marketplace, which will be available in the coming months, will allow enterprises to share data and analytics assets such as tables, files, machine … Read more

Arm introduces second-generation Armv9 processors, plus a ray-tracing GPU

After debuting the brand-new Armv9 architecture last year, Arm has just announced the second generation of Armv9 CPUs, spearheaded by the new Cortex-X3 CPU flagship, alongside the Cortex-A715 and a revised Cortex-A510. Additionally, the company introduced its first-ever flagship GPU, the Immortalis-G715, complete with support for hardware-level ray tracing. These new components also power Arm’s … Read more

7 key new features in SingleStoreDB

SingleStoreDB is a distributed, highly scalable SQL database that allows software engineers and their companies to build fast, interactive, modern SaaS applications and scale more effectively, all while lowering costs and complexity. It delivers high performance for both transactional and analytical workloads. The newest features in SingleStoreDB supercharge data-intensive applications and enable developers and application … Read more

Abstract classes vs. interfaces in Java

Abstract classes and interfaces are plentiful in Java code, and even in the Java Development Kit (JDK) itself. Each code element serves a fundamental purpose: Interfaces are a kind of code contractwhich must be implemented by a concrete class. Abstract classes are similar to normal classes, with the difference that they can include abstract methods, … Read more