Memory Debugging and Watch Annotations

Before diving into debugging memory issues and the other amazing running process, memory debugging capabilities (which are amazing)… I want to discuss a point I left open in the last duckling post. Back there we discussed customizing the watch renderer. This is super cool! But it’s also tedious. Before we continue, if you prefer, I … Read more

Compile-Time Polymorphism in C#. Object oriented programming is a rabbit… | by Rikam Palkar | May, 2022

Object oriented programming is a rabbit hole where polymorphism is just another thread in the hole, let’s see how deep can it go. Photo by Thalia Tran on Unsplash This article will take you on a journey to unravel the mystery of compile time polymorphism . Plus in C# We have just the right material … Read more

Create the Classic Snake Game With Processing Library and Java | by Nicolai B. Andersen | May, 2022

Recreate the game with Java A GIF displaying the Snake game from the article. Do you know the basics of Java or Processing and want to start developing your own games or maybe just recreate one of the classics? This article describes the process of building the classic Snake game using Processing. Wikipedia (2022) describes … Read more

How To Nail First Years Of Frontend Developer Job — Time Management | by Szymon Adamiak | May, 2022

Learn to manage your most important asset — time Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash Programming is all about tradeoffs. Early in your career, you’ll discover you have to find a balance between different priorities — simplicity and performance, execution speed and ease of use, readability, conciseness, etc. The thing that’s rarely mentioned, yet it’s … Read more

Hashtable, HashMap, ConcurrentHashMap: Performance – DZone Java

There are a good number of articles that articulate functional differences between HashMap, Hashtableand ConcurrentHashMap. This post compares the performance behavior of these data structures through practical examples. If you don’t have the patience to read the entire post, here is the bottom line: when you areed with the decision of whether to use HashMap, … Read more

Suspicious Sortings in Unity, ASP.NET Core, etc.

Some believe that experienced developers do not make silly errors. Comparison errors? Dereferencing null references? Bet you think: “No, it’s definitely not about me…” 😉 By the way, what about errors with sorting? As the title suggests, there are some nuances. OrderBy(…).OrderBy(…) Let me give you an example to describe the problem. Let’s say we … Read more

4 Different Ways to Work With Nebula Graph in Apache Spark

A common question many Nebula Graph community users have asked is how to apply our graph database to Spark-based analytics. People want to use our powerful graph processing capabilities in conjunction with Spark, which is one of the most popular engines for data analytics. In this article, I will try to walk you through four … Read more

Migrating from Heroku to Render

From time to time, there are words or phrases that I hear repeated enough to the point where I eventually think, “Hmm, I should check this out.” Render was one of those words. On Twitter, I have seen various conversations where people want to migrate from Heroku to another service. Some of the issues people … Read more

Build a Kotlin Mobile App: Salesforce SDK, Part 3

This is our final post in our three-part series demonstrating how to use the Salesforce Mobile SDK to build an Android app that works with the Salesforce platform. In our first post, we showed you how to connect to your org. Our second post showed you how to edit and add data to your org … Read more