6 Things Startups Can Do to Avoid Tech Debt

Imagine walking into this: “About 4 million lines of PHP code, written by underpaid, sometimes not well-meaning, freelancers and students over the span of 8 years. The CEO wrote a large part, but stopped learning new techniques around 2004.” That’s how bad tech debt can get when a startup is run without considering that all … Read more

Exciting Data Science Project Ideas To Brush Up Your Skills | by Albert Christopher | May, 2022

4 contemporary data science project ideas to inspire you Projects have always been thought of as measurable improvements resulting from a result produced, which serve as the icing on the cake for achieving personal or corporate goals. Talking about individual projects, have you found it challenging to learn at home? Many of us are in … Read more

Test Plan and Test Strategy: Best Practices That Will Make Your Product Development a Success

Without a crystal clear understanding of the processes when a team works on a software product, it can be tempting to think that all the problems stem from under-qualified QA engineers who click around randomly and ruin the hard work of the whole team. However, the value and purpose of the quality assurance process are … Read more

Introducing A New Cross-Cutting Architecture Diagram: The Critical Path | by Allen Helton | May, 2022

This new architecture diagram spans levels 1–3 of the C4 model to give you the fastest view at your system possible Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash Architecture diagrams are a wonder. They help create a shared understanding about application architecture, business processes, and data flows between you and the stakeholders of your app. Around a … Read more

Use HTML With Htmx and Reduce the Amount of Code

HTML as the Center of the Universe The internet as we know it today is largely due to HTML and CSS. Javascript (JS) could act as a glue between them and make pages more dynamic and interactive, but the history of web programming developed differently. After the emergence of client-side rendering and other similar technologies, … Read more

Hand-picked Programming Articles From Medium — April 2022 | by Anupam Chugh | May, 2022

The best stories we discovered in the month gone by Hey everyone, As we march forward into May, I hope your April was full of meaningful work. In this monthly edition, we’ve compiled some memorable tutorials, comprehensive guides, thought-provoking posts, and bite-sized pieces of advice that we’ve discovered across the platform. Without further ado, let’s … Read more

Request Routing Through Service Mesh for WebSphere Liberty Profile Container on Kubernetes

Introduction I will demonstrate how to request routing from service mesh to WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) application server Docker container image on Kubernetes. Further providing details about Istio Ingress gateway, Gateway, and Virtual service created on istio that routing traffic to Docker image with WLP installed. In the end, we will be seeing from Istio … Read more

Introducing NEAR Document Cloud — A Decentralization Approach to Manage Documents

The Web3 way of managing documents The robust and trustless solution to sign, manage store, and modify documents. Everything is powered by the next-generation layer-one blockchain NEAR platform. Blockchain Choice Justification NEAR is not the most popular blockchain at the time of writing but it has a very good foundation to be chosen for a … Read more

What Are the Best Ways to Protect Your CAD/CAM Data?

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) files are instrumental in planning and producing various products. However, you may initially overlook the possibility of cybercriminals targeting CAD and CAM files when orchestrating their attacks. A solid data security management plan can prevent data loss and unwanted outcomes. Here are some actionable suggestions. Ensure Everyone Only … Read more

How To Manage Multiple Docker Containers at Scale | by Matt Bentley | May, 2022

A guide for managing Docker containers at scale, including development, continuous integration, environment promotion, and DevSecOps Credit: docker.com With the rise of containers and container orchestrators, Docker has become a must-have skill for all modern-day programmers. This article is for anyone who builds custom container images from their application code, whether you are using Kubernetes … Read more