Here’s why I’m super excited for this year’s WWDC

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is upon us, and words hardly express how hyped I am. For those unfamiliar with WWDC, it’s an annual, software-focused event by Apple. The Cupertino tech giant used to invite developers and press members to attend it in person. However, the company switched to the virtual format during the pandemic. For general WWDC fans around the world, the shift hasn’t made much of a difference — since they’ve been watching it online anyway. Developers and the press no longer get to socialize and connect in person, though, until this pandemic passes. The switch to an online-only event has also given Apple the opportunity to develop movie-like keynotes with special effects. These productions contribute to the dramatic effect and ensure no hiccups occur during the presentations. We’re expecting iOS 16, macOS 13, and more OS betas during WWDC22. However, my excitement isn’t just because of that.


Those in my close social circle know that WWDC means more to me than my own birthday. During WWDC, people don’t sing you Happy Birthday as you smile awkwardly, and that’s a big plus. Additionally, we get to officially see the previews of upcoming Apple OS updates for the first time. That’s followed by getting our hands on the respective betas and trying out all of the new and exciting bugs features! This year’s conference, though, is particularly more exciting to me. It’s very hard for me to contain this excitement and my undying yearning for this approaching event. For this reason, I’m sharing it with the world so we can all hold our horses together until these long weekend passes.

WWDC: Betas, betas, and even more betas!

An iOS that’ll get us drooling

Big changes could be coming this year. Yes, rumors indicate we won’t get the full redesign we hope for every year. However, design overhauls aren’t everything. There’s a high chance the notification system will be revamped, introducing a more advanced version of Focus in the process. iOS 15 code already reveals there could be a handier Focus feature coming in the next major release. Considering how broken notifications are on iPhones, we certainly hope iOS 16’s fix is ​​what we’re looking for.

iOS 16

Apart from notification updates, iOS 16 is rumored to bring significant changes to the way we interact with the system. Now, this doesn’t clarify what exactly could be changing, but it most definitely sounds like a big deal. I really can’t wait for Apple to reveal them — assuming the rumors are accurate. And I look forward to getting my hands on the first beta after the main keynote concludes.

For me, iOS betas are the most exciting part of WWDC. I love how broken they are at first, and how the company gradually smoothens them out in each beta — until they’re stable for fall’s public release. Considering iOS 14 and iOS 15 were relatively minor updates (in my opinion), I just hope iOS 16 scratches this itch. I really want the Cupertino tech giant to blow us away with this release, and that’s why I’m super hyped for the event.

An iPadOS worthy of M1 iPads

Hey Apple, rebranding an operating system doesn’t automatically change its core. Yes, iPadOS has gained some exclusive features since the name change and its diversion from iOS. However, it still has limitations in many aspects. If the Cupertino tech giant truly wants the iPad to become a PC replacement, it has to make some fundamental changes that bring it closer to the Mac. We aren’t expecting the iPad to run macOS — despite some models packing the M1 chip. We just want some more liberty and better multitasking features.

The Magic Keyboard

The good news is that we’ve been hearing some whispers here and there regarding this matter. There’s a possibility that iPadOS 16 will take multitasking on the Apple tablet to the next level. We don’t know the full details and how accurate these rumors are. However, some analyses have concluded that we could be getting resizable app windows. This is one of the many reasons I’m really looking forward to watching this year’s WWDC keynote. After all, iPadOS shouldn’t limit the endless possibilities of the M1 chip included in some models.

A watchOS that has us on the watch

Tick ​​tock, WWDC is almost here, and we have almost run out of patience. One of the reasons behind our undying longing for this event is what we could be seeing on the Apple Watch this year. In the Book of Rumors, Section watchOS, we spot some groundbreaking changes — ones that could be the biggest since the very first version of this OS. The birdies are telling us that we could be seeing redesigned watch faces. If this were to be true, all models running watchOS 9 should get a fresh coat of paint that rejuvenates the experience. We’re bored of the existing options, and a redesign would definitely give this unrivaled wearable a new lifeline.

With Apple potentially redesigning the faces, I would hope the company also introduces some new user interface elements across the system. Ultimately, I still am not the biggest fan of the current app view options. The watch’s screen is tiny, so coming up with an ideal solution could be tricky. Regardless of that, I’m dying to see these new rumored faces during WWDC.

A macOS we’ve got our fingers crossed for

In the Mac department, there’s not much written in our highly-confidential Book of Rumors. We’re afraid the printers ran out of ink right when they reached Section macOS. Nonetheless, we have our fingers crossed for an exciting macOS 13 release. Ultimately, even if we don’t get plenty of macOS-only additions, there’s still the potentially updated Focus from iOS 16. This could make separating work and play even more doable on the Mac. With more people working from home, Apple could be focusing on making the OS more optimized for these users.

macos 12 monterey on macbook air m1

macOS Monterey was a relatively minor version bump. Or maybe we have unattainable anticipations and standards now. Either way — boring. Though, that was highly expected, considering Big Sur was quite a… big sur-prise. Apple can’t just release builds as major as macOS 11 every year. It’s simply impossible. With macOS 12 revolving around making the experience smoother, we certainly hope that the Cupertino tech giant focuses more on new features and visual changes in the upcoming release. Regardless of that, I really can’t wait to see what the company has in store for us. WWDC can’t come soon enough!

Potential mixed-reality headset preView

Apple mixed reality headset concept

Credit: Antonio De Rosa

We’ve been hearing (but not see) a lot about Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset. This AR-VR device will supposedly be debuting soon — relatively speaking. That’s because the company recently showed a unit to its board of directors. So it’s safe to assume that the Cupertino tech giant is progressing in this department.

While I don’t think it’ll be available for purchase anytime in the upcoming weeks, I believe there’s a high possibility we will get a sneak peek at it during WWDC. For the unfamiliar, this device is rumored to have over a dozen cameras, an Apple Silicon chip, and an 8K display for each eye. Of course, taking these specs into consideration, it is also rumored to cost several thousand dollars. The first-gen model will reportedly target Pro users, with the company potentially releasing cheaper models for average consumers down the road. I’m really excited for this WWDC because — even if not confirmed — there’s a chance we will get to see this futuristic device officially.

An M2-flavored WWDC, possibly

Last but not least — while WWDC is a software-focused event, it’s not uncommon for Apple to reveal new hardware during its main keynote. I’m very excited to watch this conference because there’s a possibility the Cupertino tech giant will announce the second-gen M chip. I don’t have high hopes, but it would be really interesting if we get a first look at M2’s performance and maybe the redesigned, colorful MacBook Air. Ultimately, we can only cross our fingers at this point and hope the company doesn’t disappoint us with its announcements in a few days.

What’s your wishlist for this year’s Apple WWDC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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