I was testing my application which is written in flutter and suddenly I keep getting CDN: trunk URL couldn’t be downloaded: https://cdn.cocoapods.org/CocoaPods-version.yml Response: 403 error. I am not sure why this is happening. This is the error I am getting in the log. Note: This project was working fine but however suddenly I keep getting these errors.

[!] CDN: trunk URL couldn't be downloaded: https://cdn.cocoapods.org/CocoaPods-version.yml Response: 403 <!DOCTYPE html>
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Any instructions how i could solve this?


also getting this error! until fixed, you can try to bypass the CDN:


pod repo remove trunk

and add to Podfile:

source 'https://cocoapods-cdn.netlify.app/'

or without CDN at all:

source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git'

I found a temporary workaround that worked for me very well:

source 'https://cdn.cocoapods.org/'

target '...' do

require 'typhoeus'

After that start pod deintegrate and pod install

This should be fixed now. It seems that CloudFlare started to falsely detect CocoaPods traffic as a DDoS attack, and Orta Therox, a CocoaPods maintainer, had to change some configuration in order to get it working properly. Quoting from one of their comments on the GitHub issue:

The DDoS detection was triggered which can happen occasionally because CDN activity is still going up overall. It looks like traffic bounces over a threshold for stricter rules now. The way DDoS detection works in Cloudflare is through a series of rules/heuristics which can be individually tuned (which is what I looked at in #11355.)

After tuning the one people were hitting to “off”, we paused a bit to determine if it was making changes. After seeing no changes, we flipped every rule/heuristic to off #11355

What we were seeing was still similar to CDN traffic patterns but some traffic occasionally getting through correctly. This was when we reached out to Cloudflare support. With their help we determined that it was likely that the migration of our rules from the central settings repo to the different CDN edges (eg for simplicity think the servers closest to users each time) were using the cached (older) settings.

This meant some regions didn’t have the new rules saying ignore the rule about ‘allow the custom user-agent’ – the Cloudflare support folks clears up the cache and now its looking like everything is working fine.

I am also getting this error from Cloudflare side. I tried with totally different ip addresses and the same result. It should be a temporary problem.


Angular Ionic with Capacitor project, tried to run an iOS build, fails at ‘pod install’, seems like Cloudflare is registering these requests as DDoS attacks


I am also getting this error.

I tried to download with adding this line to Podfile;

source 'https://cocoapods-cdn.netlify.app/

CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for a pod in Podfile.lock file.


Stuck in the same issue tried on my friend’s mac working fine but there is some problem with mine even previously working projects are giving the same error. and i have tried every given above solution and similar solutions.


Edit: Working now

I am also getting this error, i think it’s a Cloudflare server error.

Might be temporary