For setting up firebase i am using two config 1.GoogleService-Info-test.plist, 2.GoogleService-Info-prdn.plist for UAT and Production. For installing crashlytics using firebase i have followed firebase documentation But when i try to run, it throws error in build phase while running script.

I tried without changing config file name and it worked.

Error msg at build phase while running fabric run script “Could not get GOOGLE_APP_ID in Google Services file from build environment”.

Can anyone suggest a better solution to achieve my requirement.


This worked for me:

When install Crashlytic with Firebase, for multiple scheme, you can have error Could not get GOOGLE_APP_ID in Google Services file from build environment. You can fix it by:

  • In Build Settingsadd a user define for file name in User Defined:

Add file name for each scheme in User Defined

  • In Build Phasestap plus button, New Run Script Phase above your Crashlytic build phase, and type this code to the text field. Remember to rename %YOUR_CUSTOM_PATH_TO_FOLDER% to your path to Plist files:

Add build phase


This worked for me:

Make sure you add the Xcode Crashlytics build phase after Copy Bundle Resources.


I had this in my “Build Phases” and it’s works

"${PODS_ROOT}/FirebaseCrashlytics/upload-symbols" -gsp "${PROJECT_DIR}/MyApp/GoogleService-Info.plist" -p ios "${DWARF_DSYM_FOLDER_PATH}/${DWARF_DSYM_FILE_NAME}"


Our project only one target, but we need to use two Firebase config files GoogleService-Info-Prod.plist and GoogleService-Info-Dev.plist.

I had this in my “Build Phases” and it works.

if [ "${CONFIGURATION}" = "Release" ]; then
${PODS_ROOT}/FirebaseCrashlytics/run -gsp ${PROJECT_DIR}/RushCard/FirebaseConfig/GoogleService-Info-Prod.plist
${PODS_ROOT}/FirebaseCrashlytics/run -gsp ${PROJECT_DIR}/RushCard/FirebaseConfig/GoogleService-Info-Dev.plist

In my case I created New Run Script Phrase above Compile Sourcesthat’s why I always see

Could not get GOOGLE_APP_ID in Google Services file from build environment

When I moved Crashlytic’s run script at the end of list bug was disappearance. Please look at the following screen shot:
enter image description here

And article about it is here


Another way is to make sure one plist keeps the original name GoogleService-Info.plist

Different targets meant more work to update CI for me.

This is valid for Xcode 11 at least, not tested on any other versions


I was using new Firebase/Crashlytics which beta and getting error “No Google App ID or Google Services file provided” when I try to upload manually dSYMS

Here is the command:

-gsp/path/to/GoogleService-Info.plist -p ios /path/to/dSYMs

Then I reliaze there should be space between “-gsp” and path to Google.plist after that It worked.


I use multiple configurations for several white-labelled apps. I added a User-Defined variable FIREBASE_SUFFIX and changed my script to the following:

${PODS_ROOT}/FirebaseCrashlytics/run -gsp ${PROJECT_DIR}/Firebase/GoogleService-Info-${FIREBASE_SUFFIX}.plist

NOTE: I use Carthage for firebase here: If you’re this same setup, you should use something like this instead (replace the path to where you put your script files):

${PROJECT_DIR}/scripts/run -gsp ${PROJECT_DIR}/Firebase/GoogleService-Info-${FIREBASE_SUFFIX}.plist

The solution for me was removing the call to upload-symbols script.

One of the Crashlytics guides mentions you should add this:

/path/to/pods/directory/FirebaseCrashlytics/upload-symbols  <- Not needed

I misinterpreted this… the run script already calls upload-symbols so there’s no need to add a second call.


Make sure in xcode file explorer on last side “GoogleService-Info.plist” is showing.

In my case problem is due to “GoogleService-Info.plist” reference. By mistake I just added file in project location, due to this it’s missing in xcode left side file explorer.

Just drag and drop “GoogleService-Info.plist” in xcode.

Well all above answers purposed a possible solution for this issue, in my case GoogleService.plist file was missing from ‘Copy Bundle Resources’ by adding into it worked in my case..

To check the file goto

Project Directory >> Build Phases >> Copy Bundle Resources

add it add here if you find missing.

I had the same error, also due to the fact that I have multiple bundle identifier and therefore I have a build phase script called Firebase Script (that pinpoints to the correct GoogleService-Info.plist ) that was running after the Crashlytics script. The solution is to run Firebase Script before the Crashlytics script.

In my case I had a different name in my file, his name was GoogleService-Enterprise-Info.plis when I change it to the normal name GoogleService-Info.plistIT WORK FINE!!

I faced the same issue for @react-native-firebase/crashlytics

In case you are facing this issue, you probably have missed the ‘ios setup’ instruction mentioned in below link. Please follow the instruction to fix the issue.

Just download from Settings of your projects and place for your correct target which you are running.

plist file

This error would be shown if there is a space in your project name or in the path of your project.

Read more in this GitHub Issue


Additionally to other answers..

I faced that problem with exact same error message and in my case everything was ok with file GoogleService-Info.plist except that it was genereated with wrong Bundle ID for application (it was changed in XCode much later than initial Firebase setup happened), so I had to create new app in Firebase Console with correct Bundle ID (it’s not able to edit) and download new GoogleService-Info.plist

If you are using one of the popular build scripts going around for handling multiple different environments, it is probably useful to know that you should use a different GoogleService-Info.plist destination based on the target platform:

// iOS

// watchOS

// macOS

If these solutions provided above do not work, I solved mine by going to Build phases as shown on this image. Click on plus and add Google plist

Xcode screenshot solution

I was able to fix this by locate where is my GoogleService-Info.plist, copy it to ios folder in Flutter and run with this script

"$PODS_ROOT/FirebaseCrashlytics/upload-symbols" --flutter-project "$PROJECT_DIR/firebase_app_id_file.json" -gsp "$PROJECT_DIR/GoogleService-Info.plist" -p ios "$DWARF_DSYM_FOLDER_PATH/$DWARF_DSYM_FILE_NAME"

Update: I found a better solution:

  • Just upgrade all firebase package to lastest version
  • Remove Crashlytics build script
  • Run flutter clean, flutter pub get
  • pod install (in ios folder)

Try downgrading, it worked for me! I used: ‘Fabric’, ‘1.9.0’ ‘Crashlytics’, ‘3.12.0’