Java: Why Core-to-Core Latency Matters

Last year we had a global shortage of microchips; Today, I feel there is a worldwide shortage of software developers. Like many other software companies, Chronicle Software is rapidly expanding and interviewing candidates. We usually ask candidates to demonstrate a good knowledge of core Java, and then we cover slightly more advanced concepts, such as … Read more

javascript – I do not know how to limit the time in between calling my function

//let screenWidth = window.screen.width; //let screenHeight = window.screen.height; let screenWidth = 800; let screenHeight = 600; let assets = {}; let frames = 60; let score = 0; let lives = 3; let player; // let enemie; //let enemies; let bullet; //let bullets; let powerup = 0; let gameOver = true; function drawScoreBoard() { textSize(20); … Read more

The Three Must-Haves for Machine Learning Monitoring

Machine learning models are not static pieces of code but, instead, dynamic predictors that depend on data, hyperparameters, evaluation metrics, and many other variables; it is vital to have insight into the training and deployment process to prevent model drift predictive stasis. That said, not all monitoring solutions are created equal. These are the three … Read more

Why Is SQL Knowledge Vital for Data Scientists? A Sneak Peek

Businesses succeed when making informed judgments based on current technology and market trends, rivals, and partners. Extracting data from databases using the Structured Query Language (SQL, pronounced “sequel”) is one of the most common methods firms get business intelligence to assist them in making those decisions. According to Oracle Patches, SQL dates back to the … Read more

javascript – CSS transform-origin on SVG not working as expected

.c { fill: rebeccapurple; transition: 1s; fill-opacity: 0.7; stroke: #000000; stroke-width: 0.4px; transform: scale(0.7); } .c-zoom{ transform: scale(2); } .d:hover { fill-opacity: 1; } .map-container{ position: relative; } <html> <head> <title>test</title> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=””> </head> <body> <div class=”map-container” id=”map”> <svg xmlns:mapsvg=”” xmlns:dc=”” xmlns:rdf=”” xmlns:svg=”” xmlns=”” mapsvg:geoViewBox=”6.624486 47.092916 18.521301 35.490303″ width=”430″ height=”515″ id=”svg”> <g id=”italy” class=”c”> … Read more

javascript – Audioplayer aborts randomly while playing music discord.js

Whenever i play music through my bot it randomly gives me an error which disconnects the bot and stops the music i have tried everything stated in here and here and i don’t know what to do anymore help would be appreciated error example error: aborted error message is short because of this audioplayer.on(‘error’, error … Read more

Improving Code Design With OpenTelemetry — A Practical Guide | by Roni Dover | May, 2022

What every developer needs to know about observability and how to leverage OSS tools to make your code better This is the second in a three-part series that will review some of the observability technologies available to developers today, why they make coding better, and what specific insights they can provide. Here is the link … Read more