Windows 11 build 25182 is now available in the Dev channel with fixes

With another Wednesday comes another build of Windows 11 for Dev channel Insiders, and this time, we’re getting build 25182. This build is mostly focused on fixes, but it also comes alongside a couple of app updates for those enrolled in the Dev channel . These app updates aren’t tied to the new build, but … Read more

How To Decide Your Scrum Teams’ Size? | by P ravesh | Aug, 2022

Building an optimal-sized scrum team for a product can be challenging. Here are some pointers to help Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash As per the specification given by ScrumAlliance, a scrum team consists of 5 to 9 team members who may belong to different functional roles. This is the general guideline and not a … Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the king of productivity

Most smartphones have a specific purpose or target consumer they’re designed for. The Galaxy S22 Ultra and a host of other phones are geared towards being the best camera phones. The iPhone and others are designed to be the best smartphones for most people. Then there’s the Galaxy Z Fold range, the kings of productivity. … Read more

OxygenOS 13 Open Beta 2 is now available for the OnePlus 10 Pro

Earlier this month, OnePlus rolled out the first OxygenOS 13 Open Beta build for the OnePlus 10 Pro, giving users a chance to experience the Android 13 release ahead of the stable rollout. The company is now rolling out a fresh OxygenOS 13 Open Beta build for its flagship, bringing several new features, optimizations, and … Read more

Apple iPhone SE 3 (2022) Vs OnePlus Nord N200: Which should you buy?

The Apple iPhone SE 3 (2022) and OnePlus Nord N200 are two of the most affordable smartphones from their respective companies. But this is where the similarities end. They’re not in the same tier, and there’s a substantial price gap between them. Although the iPhone SE 3 is the most affordable offering from Apple, its … Read more

How Blockchain Tech Can Improve DevOps Practices in Web3

Although in its early stages, Web3 shows promise to deliver the benefits of blockchain and DevOps working together. This article discusses how DevOps practices, processes, tools, and blockchain technologies complement each other to deliver Web3 solutions. DevOps is an umbrella term encompassing a culture, mindset, development styles, processes, and technologies for software development. DevOps focuses … Read more

Lift and shift Windows applications to containers

There’s an old adage often shared by developers building on Microsoft platforms: “How can you tell if a Microsoft product is ready for prime time? When Microsoft uses it for one of its flagship applications or services.” That means it was time to start using the Orleans distributed application framework when it powered large parts … Read more

Where Does Cybersecurity Go from Here?

I had the opportunity to hear Chris Krebs, founding partner of the Krebs Stamos Group and former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) deliver the opening keynote at the 25th Black Hat Security Conference. For 25 years, the InfoSec community and industry have chipped away at security vulnerabilities in technology with research … Read more

APIs Are Now at the Center of Digital Transformation

As we take stock of how COVID-19 has affected the way we operate, nothing in technology is more apparent than the switch to digital. Although many of us have transitioned from water-cooler conversationalists to reluctant Zoom dwellers, the impact on business processes themselves might actually be more profound. According to McKinsey, coronavirus has acted as … Read more

Multi-tenancy Architecture With Shared Schema Strategy in Webapp Application Based on Spring-boot, Thymeleaf, and Posmulten-hibernate (Part 1)

Potential Problem and Solution Let’s imagine that we are a SaaS solution provider. Your customers are primarily companies that want to have their own space in the scope of your service where their users can work together around your service. In this article, we will refer to your clients as tenants. The solution uses a … Read more