6 Powerful Ramda Functions For JavaScript | by Tate Galbraith | Apr, 2022

A fast and functional library for supercharging your code Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash If you haven’t heard of the Ramda library for JavaScript, then you’re missing out on a beautiful enhancement to the language. This library is crammed with a ton of useful functions and utilities that not only solve common problems, but … Read more

A Pico Temperature Sensor Project

MadLab Manchester Digital Laboratory on Flickr Time to warm up the Raspberry pi for another delicious project! The Pico from Raspberry pi is an affordable microcontroller board for electronics projects that require a “brain” we’ve looked at it a little before in this article https://kidscodecs.com/pico-board-get-started/ where we got the board connected and up and running … Read more

Scalable JWT Token Revokation in Spring Boot

With stateless JWT Tokens for security, short TTLs (1 min) can be used. These tokens are then refreshed during their time to live. If the server does not get to know when a user has logged out, a token of a logged-out user could continue to be refreshed. One solution for this problem will be … Read more

What are hashable objects? – Python Morsels

By Trey Hunner Watch as video 03:25 What are hashable objects? Sets items must be hashable The elements in a set must be hashable. Strings and numbers are hashable: >>> colors = {“pink”, “blue”, “green”, “purple”} >>> choices = {10, 20, 30, 40} Tuples of strings and numbers are also hashable: >>> coordinates = {(0, … Read more

html – Ngx-pagination not working after a click event in dialog box

Currently i’m working on pagination and showing agm-maps in a project. The problem is that the ngx-pagination is not working if i click the icon with a click event attached to it. don’t know where i’m going wrong as i’m new to Angular can somebody help me with this. Here is the HTML part: <div … Read more

✅[Fixed] A Network Adapter Hardware Error Occurred

In this article, we will try to resolve the SonicWall Connect Tunnel “A network adapter hardware error occurred.” issue by using some simple steps which will take a maximum of 20 minutes to complete. Error Details Error Name A network adapter hardware error occurred Client SONICWALL CONNECT TUNNEL Status Disconnected Category Virtual Private Network (VPN) … Read more


Marion Doss on Flickr Test out your crafting skills by making a parachute! Credit NASA. This is a photograph of a test flight using 3 parachutes to descend Nasa’s Orion spaceship. Parachutes can be simple toys, lifesaving emergency equipment, used to deliver materials to remote locations and help return astronauts from space to earth. They … Read more