PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #526 (May 24, 2022)

#526 – MAY 24, 2022
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Build a URL Shortener With FastAPI and Python

In this step-by-step project, you’ll build an app to create and manage shortened URLs. Your Python URL shortener can receive a full target URL and return a shortened URL. You’ll also use the automatically created documentation of FastAPI to try out your API endpoints.

Contributing to Open Source: rich #2073

Rodrigo decided he’d start contributing to Open Source and it began by being assigned bug #2073 in the rich library. This article goes into great detail on environment set up, how he found the bug, and what it took to squish it.
RODRIGO GIRÃO SERRÃO • Shared by Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Optimize Python Code Inefficiencies and Latency With Datadog Application Monitoring


Datadog’s APM generates detailed flame graphs to provide you with deeper insights into code-level performance sparking teams to identify bottlenecks and latency in their Python code. Navigate seamlessly between app traces, logs and metrics to resolve app issues fast. Try Datadog APM free →
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Robotic Water Pistol as Pigeon Deterent

Max built a wifi-equipped water gun to shoot the pigeons on his balcony. It is controlled over the internet by a python script running openCV reading the camera image from an old iPhone. See all the details.

Swiss Python Summit: Early Bird Tickets & Call for Proposals

PYTHON-SUMMIT.CH • Shared by Denis Krienbühl

TensorFlow 2.9.0 Released


Django 4.1 Alpha 1 Released


Python 3.9.13 Maintenance Release


CPython Faster: Timing Improvement Results in Beta



Do You Have a Favorite Playlist for Coding?


What’s Your Favorite Feature in Python?


Python Jobs

DevOps Engineer (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Academic Innovation Developer (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Software Development Lead (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Senior Backend Engineer (Anywhere)


Senior Storytelling Framework Engineer – Python (France)


Senior Software Engineer – Python Full Stack (USA)


Gameful Learning Developer (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Data & Operations Engineer (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

The Real Python Podcast: Protobuf in Python

Would you like a way to send structured serialized data between different platforms and languages? What if the data was self-documenting, could automatically generate Python code, and would validate itself? This week on the show, Liran Haimovitch talks about protocol buffers and communicating with microservices through Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).

Forget Jupyter, Showcase Your Data with Dashboards

Streamlit can be used as an alternative to Jupyter notebooks for sharing research data. Streamlit is a relatively new library for creating simple web apps and dashboards using just Python. Learn why it might be the right choice for your next data project.
STEF SMEETS • Shared by Stef Smeets

Find Your Next Tech Job Through Hired


Hired has 1000s of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s that are actively hiring developers, data scientists, mobile engineers, and more. It’s really simple: create a profile with your skills and preferences for hiring managers to reach you directly. Sign up today →
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Tips That May Save You From the Hell of PyYAML

YAML is a data-serialization language that is widely used, but processing YAML, especially using PyYAML can be painful and full of traps. Learn some tips and code snippets that can make your life with PyYAML easier.
XIAO / REORX • Shared by Reorx

Automate All the Boring Kubernetes Operations With Python

Kubernetes has become a de-facto standard in recent years, but many of the tasks in it are repetitive. Learn how to use Python’s Kubernetes Client library to automate all the boring Kubernetes tasks and operations.
MARTIN HEINZ • Shared by Martin Heinz

Pandas Tutor: Using Pyodide to Teach Data Science at Scale

Pandas Tutor is a data science education tool that visualizes how pandas code transforms dataframes. It was recently ported to Pyodide and this article describes the journey.

Using Python Class Constructors

In this video course, you’ll learn how class constructors work in Python. You’ll also explore Python’s instantiation process, which has two main steps: instance creation and instance initialization.

A Dev’s Thoughts on Developer Productivity

Measuring developer productivity is a challenge and often done by those outside the group. This article talks about developer “flow state” and how interruptions disrupt productivity.

Unlock Secret Knowledge From Python Experts for Just $10

Packt’s Spring Sale is on and for a limited period, all eBooks and Videos are only $10. Our Products are available as PDF, ePub, and MP4 files for you to download and keep forever. All the practical content you need – by developers for developers.

Adding GraphQL to Your Django App

GraphQL is a powerful mechanism for defining APIs in your web application. Learn about Graphene and Strawberry, two libraries that work with Django to provide GraphQL end points.

If Programming Languages ​​Were Futurama Characters

A little bit of fun. Evidently Python is Lrrr…. read on to find out why.

Projects & Code

pikascript: Lightweight Python Engine That Fits in 32KB Flash


envelope: Sign, Attach, & Send E-Mail in a Single Line of Code


rounder: Rounding Numbers in Collection Data Types

PYPI.ORG • Shared by Marcin

plus: A Dynamic Code Loading Framework for Plug-Ins

GITHUB.COM/LOCALSTACK • Shared by Harsh Mishra

monaco_generations: Simulating an F1 Race With 308 Cars

GITHUB.COM/ADEILERTSON • Shared by Andrew Eilertson

Pants: Video Filter to Add Pants on Zoom Calls



Python: The New Normal

May 23 to May 26, 2022

Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

May 25, 2022

PyKla Monthly Meetup

May 25, 2022


May 25, 2022

PyCon LT 2022

May 26 to May 28, 2022

PyCon Italy 22

June 2 to June 6, 2022

Happy Pythoning!
This was PyCoder’s Weekly Issue #526.
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