Python how to get information about Youtube video from Youtube video id WITHOUT WEB SCRAPING

So I wanted to get information about the Youtube playlists I have created, so I used Google takeout and got a bunch of .csv files like this:

Playlist Id,Channel Id,Time Created,Time Updated,Title,Description,Visibility
LL--2uyGZ5xJWulPXe2p7YDw,UC--2uyGZ5xJWulPXe2p7YDw,2022-03-20 14:54:43 UTC,2022-04-24 05:42:54 UTC,Liked videos,,Private

Video Id,Time Added
JMFep9n0izQ,2022-04-24 05:42:54 UTC
XjeLE4A5Fu0,2022-04-24 05:27:53 UTC
7LPXA0yM8iE,2022-04-24 04:58:10 UTC
bT9jZfgRVvA,2022-04-24 04:56:04 UTC
nikDvZhCy10,2022-04-24 02:43:53 UTC
SA1ozeqslaM,2022-04-24 02:35:09 UTC
sEsEl56y-M0,2022-04-24 02:13:27 UTC
x8QpeE6ZHLA,2022-04-24 02:12:20 UTC
AcWZhBJd4-4,2022-04-24 01:12:46 UTC
G6w4muQ1aL0,2022-04-24 00:57:15 UTC
sM8bL3i1PpI,2022-04-24 00:47:26 UTC
6OdubOdFS-Y,2022-04-24 00:41:54 UTC
2Yu9dGlWi00,2022-04-24 00:38:53 UTC
99aLrgk-uqs,2022-04-24 00:35:43 UTC
Assa__Snvmw,2022-04-24 00:33:32 UTC
79a8AINRDjI,2022-04-23 18:08:21 UTC
z7oD9j814nQ,2022-04-23 18:00:25 UTC
tDxKhiJfgYk,2022-04-23 17:57:35 UTC
TduPxMSX62U,2022-04-23 17:46:39 UTC
p1qJ-ksU6aw,2022-04-23 17:03:03 UTC
E8QEen6GjDA,2022-04-23 14:09:38 UTC
BFld4EBO2RE,2022-04-23 01:19:39 UTC
 -_1Kqds7NAI,2022-04-22 16:28:50 UTC

The information is not what I wanted, so I have to resolve the identifiers, I chose web scraping because that’s the only method I know that is working as of 2022…

I have already written a fully working script that does exactly the job, I got the xpaths using F12 and CTRL+Shift+C,/kbd>, I did it all by myself, but it never completes its job and the process is time consuming, and the fault is completely not mine.

In short I am physically in China separated from the free world by the notorious GFW, I use ExpressVPN and it doesn’t slow down download or upload, but it increases latency terribly (with it the average ping latency is 256ms+), and there are occasional times when the VPN connection is cut off, it’s nothing I can’t fix but it does stop the execution of the code.

The code can’t run for 15 minutes without throwing TimeoutException and/or NoSuchElementExceptionand there is nothing I can do about it.


import json
import os
import re
import time
from pathlib import Path
from reprint import output
from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver import FirefoxProfile
from import By
from selenium.webdriver.common.desired_capabilities import DesiredCapabilities
from selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementException, TimeoutException
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
from import WebDriverWait
from import expected_conditions as EC
from selenium.webdriver.firefox.options import Options

options = Options()
capabibilties = DesiredCapabilities().FIREFOX
capabibilties['pageLoadStrategy'] = 'eager'
profile = FirefoxProfile()
profile.set_preference("http.response.timeout", 1)
profile.set_preference("dom.max_script_run_time", 0)
profile.set_preference('permissions.default.stylesheet', 2)
profile.set_preference('permissions.default.image', 2)
profile.set_preference('', 'false')
profile.set_preference("permissions.default.script", 2)
profile.set_preference("javascript.enabled", False)

Firefox = webdriver.Firefox(capabilities=capabibilties, options=options)

files = list(Path('C:/Users/Estranger/Downloads/Takeout/YouTube and YouTube Music/playlists').glob('*.csv'))
wait = WebDriverWait(Firefox, 10)
playlists = dict()

    'Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar',
    'Apr', 'May', 'Jun',
    'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sep',
    'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dec'
UNITS = {'K': 1e3, 'M': 1e6, 'B': 1e9}
for file in files:
    name =[:-4]
    playlists[name] = []
    lines = file.read_text(encoding='utf8').splitlines()[4:-1]
    for line in lines:
        video_id, timestamp = line.split(',')
        video_link = '' + video_id
        timestamp = timestamp.replace(' ','T',1)[:-4]+'Z'
        unavailable = False
            Firefox.find_element('xpath', '//ytd-background-promo-renderer/div[1]/div')
            unavailable = True
        except NoSuchElementException:
        if unavailable:
        wait.until(EC.visibility_of_element_located((By.XPATH, '//h1[contains(@class, "title")]/yt-formatted-string')))
        video_title = Firefox.find_element('xpath', '//h1[contains(@class, "title")]/yt-formatted-string').text
        channel = Firefox.find_element('xpath', '//div[contains(@class,"ytd-channel-name")]//a')
        channel_name = channel.text
        channel_link = channel.get_attribute('href')
        view_count = Firefox.find_element('xpath', '//span[contains(@class, "view-count")]')
        view_count = int(view_count.text[:-6].replace(',', ''))
        upload_date = Firefox.find_element('xpath', '//div[@id="info-strings"]/yt-formatted-string').text
        month, day, year ='(w{3}) (d{1,2}), (d{4})', upload_date).groups()
        day = int(day)
        month = MONTHS.index(month)+1
        upload_date = f'{year}-{month:02d}-{day:02d}'
        like_count = Firefox.find_element('xpath', '//ytd-toggle-button-renderer[1]/a/*[@id="text"]').get_attribute('aria-label')
        like_count = int(like_count[:-6].replace(',', ''))
        channel_subscribers = Firefox.find_element('xpath', '//*[@id="owner-sub-count"]').text
        if channel_subscribers:
            channel_subscribers = channel_subscribers.split(' ')[0]
            if channel_subscribers[-1] in UNITS:
                unit = UNITS[channel_subscribers[-1]]
                number = float(channel_subscribers[:-1])
                channel_subscribers= int(number*unit)
                channel_subscribers = int(channel_subscribers)
            channel_subscribers = 0
        entry = {
            'video_title': video_title,
            'channel_name': channel_name,
            'upload_date': upload_date,
            'video_link': video_link,
            'view_count': view_count,
            'like_count': like_count,
            'channel_link': channel_link,
            'channel_subscribers': channel_subscribers

Path('D:/youtube_playlists.json').write_text(json.dumps(playlists, indent=4, ensure_ascii=False), encoding='utf8')

Can anyone suggest an alternative way to get the information I want? I need to resolve thousands of Youtube identifiers.

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