8 Ways To Accelerate Self-Directed Learning as a Software Engineer | by Jessie Auguste | Aug, 2022

Grow your skills every day Photo by Christina @wocintechchat.com on Unsplash As an engineer, you’ll constantly learn to keep up with technological changes. How can you do that in a way that works best for you? Put the time into levelling up your self-directed learning skills. “Self-directed learning is a learning method whereby the student … Read more

Optimize and Accelerate Cloud Apps for Cost Reduction With Intel® Workload Optimizer

Presidio is always looking for the latest technologies, whether from established companies or disruptive newcomers, that can help address customer pain points. Take for instance a common challenge for organizations that have migrated to the cloud and now need to increase efficiency and minimize costs. While a range of cloud optimization approaches exist, many companies … Read more

Change Data Capture to Accelerate Real-Time Analytics

There is nothing new in saying that startups leverage Big Data and AI to develop more innovative business models. As a result, Big Data and AI matters have been ubiquitous in executive and technical forums. But they have often been discussed at such a high level that folks end up missing details on such companies’ … Read more

6 Helpful Hacks to Accelerate Your Mobile App Development Timeline

There are some clear priorities when it comes to developing any digital product. The development speed and how quickly you can get it to your customers will always be the most important. When developing a mobile app, speed is critical. That will mean using the correct methodology, the best tech, the most suitable platform, and … Read more