javascript – Unable to access data passed in through react router

I’m trying to pass in data that I received from my backend to another page on my frontend. I’m using react-router-dom and withRouter to pass my data from the product.js page to the result.js page on the frontend. I keep getting this error though: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘state’) And the … Read more

Revoking Access to JWTs With a Blacklist/Deny List

Depending on who you listen to, JWTs are either a panacea for all your authentication problems or should be avoided like the plague. What Is a JWT? A JWT, or JSON Web Token, is a string/token issued by the server that asserts properties contained in its “payload”. Its most common use case is for authentication … Read more

java – Trying to access an ArrayList from another class

Hi guys im kind of new in Java and I am trying to clone a arrayList into another ArrayList that resides in another class, here’s the code of the original ArrayList in my public ArrayList<String> tName = new ArrayList<>(); public ArrayList<String> tDesc = new ArrayList<>(); public ArrayList<String> fLName = new ArrayList<>(); public ArrayList<String> tStatus … Read more

javascript – How to access JSON API from a link in another API (Json Data have link to another Json)

Im not sure if you got your problem resolved so I created a demo to point you in the right direction. To simulate your api and use your data table, I used a cat fact api with cat breeds as business names, string lengths as prices, and random strings as business ids. To simulate an … Read more

c++ – How do I access a member function in an object declared in a base class from a derived class?

I have a base class called CTD that instantiates a singleton real time clock (RTC) object. The RTC is a singleton because it’s an embedded system with only 1 RTC and several other classes need to get time data from the RTC. I have a derived singleton class called CTD1 that inherits CTD. Again, CTD1 … Read more

node.js – When using npm, commands fail due to cache access restriction/lock (errno EBUSY -4082)

Problem I’ve been running into what appears to be a directory access issue in Windows when attempting to use npm. Having tried numerous suggestions from various other SO questions and answers, I thought I’d see if anyone might have suggestions or solutions based on log the output. I’m continuously running into the error anytime I … Read more