c++ – Why is accessing data in different containers much faster than accessing it in one container?

Preface: This answer was written only for the example/scenario you provided in your benchmark link: a summing reduction over interleaved vs non-interleaved collections of differently sized integers. Summing is an unsequenced operation. You can visit elements of the collections and add them to the accumulating result in any order. And whether you “combine” (via struct) … Read more

python – How to use Selenium in Databricks and accessing and moving downloaded files to mounted storage and keep Chrome and ChromeDriver versions in sync?

Here is the guide to installing Selenium, Chrome, and ChromeDriver. This will also move a file after downloading via Selenium to your mounted storage. Each number should be in it’s own cell. Install Selenium %pip install selenium Do your imports import pickle as pkl from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.chrome.options import Options Download the latest … Read more