What Are Microservices? – DZone Microservices

Beloved by tech giants like Netflix and Amazon, microservices have become the new darlings in modern software development, even though they are more than a decade old. But, despite the benefits, this paradigm is easy to get wrong. So, let’s explore what microservices are and, more importantly, what they are not. What Are Microservices? The … Read more

Cross-Functional Team Management – DZone Agile

Managing a cross-functional team is an optimal way to overcome fragmentation and organize effective teamwork for the best project results. But this is not a group of people with similar jobs, such as a marketing team, IT department, or sales department. A cross-functional team rather includes people with different expertise from different departments within one … Read more

Why You Should Stop Relying on Jenkins Plug-ins

According to ActiveState’s State of CI/CD 2020 survey results, Jenkins is the most-used CI/CD tool on the market. As one of the first job runners on the market, it’s had plenty of time to gain popularity and has been a crucial component in advancing the DevOps approach of building and delivering software. Thanks to more … Read more

What Is Pair Programming? – DZone Agile

When it comes to software development, writing high-quality and defect-free source code is imperative. In order to ensure or improve the quality of the source code developers write, they carry out a variety of tasks, including code reviews, error checking, iterative loops, linting, and fast feedback. However, developers perform all these activities once they write … Read more

What is DevSecOps Compatible With?

What Is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a collaborative effort by developers, security, and operations teams to get products to market securely and efficiently. This hybrid development and security model aims to address flaws that arise from the relegation of security to the end of the development process. It helps teams avoid rewriting buggy code, releasing insecure … Read more

Software Development Team Structure – DZone Web Dev

Software team development structure is an important factor in your project’s long-term success. What makes a good developer team? Well, it requires more than just finding experienced developers. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the ideal software development team structure. In most cases, a single developer is not enough to get your project … Read more

DevOps vs. SRE — Their Differential Impact on Building Efficiency and Reliability

The software development life cycle has come a long way – from a non-overlapping development model – the Waterfall Model, to an iterative development model like Agile and DevOps. It’s interesting to notice that before the beginning of the DevOps movement (~2007-2008), SRE was born at Google (2003) to build the reliability and resiliency of … Read more

Jump Into the DevOps Pool. The Water is Fine

In scanning the IT landscape, the call for DevOps engineers remains toward the top of many companies’ priorities. A nationwide search through various job posting sites returns literally thousands of DevOps opportunities. However, reviewing these job postings shows that the skillsets required are widely varied. In comparison, software development job descriptions and requirements tend to … Read more

Reasons Why DevOps Adoption Might Be of Help for Business

As far as this modern and tech-oriented IT domain goes, DevOps has become a standard to judge operations’ overall efficiency and smoothness. However, like it is with everything in the world, there is still a sizeable chunk of enterprises in the process of either understanding what it means or completely not being aware of it … Read more