GitHub Copilot vs. GitHub Copilot OpenAI Codex — Which One Should You Use? | by Aidan Tilgner

A side-by-side comparison With the rise of more and more complex machine learning algorithms and models, comes fascinating new AI implementations. Ranging from automation of jobs in Amazon warehouses to predicting the stock market, AI is being trained to do tasks with more speed and accuracy than has ever been available to humans before. Most … Read more

Node.js Implementation of Image Recognition Using TensorFlow and Express.js | by Aidan Tilgner | Jun, 2022

A beginner-friendly walkthrough to build an express server for image uploads Artificial Intelligence is quite the field, captivating our interests with its astonishing capabilities and complex nature. The technology has come a long way since the 1940s when the possibility of recreating a brain using electronics was first theorized. While most of its lifetime, artificial … Read more