Tribalism and Leadership. What is Tribalism, and why does it hold… | by Shy Alter | Jul, 2022

What is Tribalism, and why does it hold such a critical place in the leadership world? “People are tribal. The more settled things are, the bigger the tribes can be. The churn comes, and the tribes get small again.” — Amos Burton, The Expanse. Image credits: Author Did ever wonder why tech companies love giving … Read more

Engineering Levels: A Case Study From Three Perspectives | by Shy Alter | Apr, 2022

The power of a good level framework as seen through three different perspectives Credit: Author Recently, there has been a lot of debate about engineering levels, whether they are good, bad, or just useless. In the story, I hope to show the positive outcome of a good effort. However, before we get started, let’s take … Read more