How to Deploy a WebSocket App to Amazon Lightsail | by Manato Kuroda | May, 2022

Deploying a WebSocket application to the cloud Photo by Maxime Valcarce on Unsplash. Amazon Lightsail provides lightweight virtual servers that are easy to use at a very cost-effective price and automatically configure networking and security environments. The use cases may include: A simple web applications A test environment A personal project like a portfolio or … Read more

amazon eks – EKS 1.22 update – ingress and alb not working

After updating EKS cluster to 1.22 all websites are down. Pods are ok but all the networking is not working. I don’t know how to fix ingresses and load balancer. I have tried updating deprecated API versions for ingress-kong and internal-ingress-kong. I can’t find yaml file for alb-ingress-controller, but when I check last applied it … Read more

amazon web services – Duplicate class with Amplify and Android Navigation

I am trying to use AWS Amplify, and Android Navigation with Safe Args for Java. My project compiles properly, but crashes at runtime. The error indicates that the problem lies in the navigation classes, and playing with the modules I was using I found out that the other module causing the conflict is the one … Read more

amazon web services – AWS CLI: Error parsing parameter ‘cli-input-json’: Invalid JSON received

I am trying to pass a json file as parameters to aws cli command but am greeted with an error:Error parsing parameter ‘cli-input-json’: Invalid JSON received.Which stems from the error:json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) I am using the latest AWS CLI version I am running the commands through windows powershell. The … Read more

amazon web services – Aws SQS and Lambda Trigger – MultipleValidationErrors

Hello guys I’m struggling to figure out why I keep getting MultipleValidationErrors for missing parameters. Hopefully someone can figure this out, it’s been driving me crazy today. Error: { “errorType”: “MultipleValidationErrors”, “errorMessage”: “There were 3 validation errors:n* MissingRequiredParameter: Missing required key ‘Source’ in paramsn* MissingRequiredParameter: Missing required key ‘Data ‘ in params.Message.Body .Htmln* MissingRequiredParameter: Missing … Read more