Declarative Data Manipulation with RxJS & Angular

Manipulate data using a declarative RxJS pattern in Angular While both imperative and declarative programming styles can add value in the right context, delegating the execution of some code to the programming language can optimize timing. By using an RxJS declarative pattern in Angular we can delegate the execution of some code to fetch data … Read more

Angular 12 Module Federation, host app loadRemoteModule error Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘bindingStartIndex’)

I am working on Angular 12 with webpack federation I created a micro header app and trying to load the header component into another app using loadRemoteModule. I have been playing with the webpack.config.js to figure how to get the header to load on the host app but been unsuccessful. I am getting this error … Read more

javascript – Angular 8: ng build production stuck at 11% and system hangs not able to create production build

{ “header”: { “reportVersion”: 1, “event”: “Allocation failed – JavaScript heap out of memory”, “trigger”: “FatalError”, “filename”: “report.20220504.181012.9143.0.001.json”, “dumpEventTime”: “2022-05-04T18:10:12Z”, “dumpEventTimeStamp”: “1651668012959”, “processId”: 9143, “cwd”: “/home/reinforce/Documents/DMSbyHDA/LMS-BUILD”, “commandLine”: [ “/usr/local/bin/node”, “/home/reinforce/Documents/DMSbyHDA/LMS-BUILD/node_modules/jest-worker/build/workers/processChild.js” ], “nodejsVersion”: “v12.14.1”, “glibcVersionRuntime”: “2.23”, “glibcVersionCompiler”: “2.17”, “wordSize”: 64, “arch”: “x64”, “platform”: “linux”, “componentVersions”: { “node”: “12.14.1”, “v8”: “”, “uv”: “1.33.1”, “zlib”: “1.2.11”, “brotli”: “1.0.7”, … Read more

typescript – No response from buttons in Angular app utilizing Bulma framework

I am making my first website using visual studio code with angular cli and the bulma framework. I am having trouble using buttons on the localhost in two areas of the website and I think they must be related. I have also uploaded the project onto my raspberry pi server and get the same issues … Read more

Angular + React: Vulnerability Cheatsheet

Securing applications is not the easiest thing to do. An application has many components: server-side logic, client-side logic, data storage, data transportation, API, and more. With all these components to secure, building a secure application can seem really daunting. Thankfully, most real-life vulnerabilities share the same root causes. By studying these common vulnerability types, why … Read more

angular – ipfs-core go-ipfs as gateway. How can I connect core-ipfs front as client to go-ipfs cloud api?

Hello I am tryingling to connect core-ipfs with go-ipfs API. How can I conect with ipfs-core to go-ipfs api as Gateway? I am trying to get the same ID in Front app, as I have in GO-IPFS API but nothing seems to work. How can I serve IPFS API on public IP not local API … Read more