Exploring Word Embeddings and Text Catalogs with Apple’s Natural Language Framework in iOS | by Anupam Chugh

Learn how NLGazetteer, NLWordEmbedding, and other NLP functionalities work in Apple’s Natural Language framework Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash NSLinguisticTaggerwhich was available as far back as the iOS 5 SDK, paved the path for Apple’s announcement of their Natural Language framework at WWDC 18. Everything from language identification to lemmatization and part-of-speech tagging, all … Read more

ARCore and Sceneform in Android — Performing Gestures and Collisions on Transformable Nodes | by Anupam Chugh

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Exploring Core Image: Apple’s First Computer Vision Framework | by Anupam Chugh

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TensorFlow Lite Model Maker: Build an Image Classifier for Android | by Anupam Chugh

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Blinks, Winks, Head Turns — Build a Tinder-Swipe iOS App Using ML Kit’s Face Detection API | by Anupam Chugh

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Vision Image Similarity Using Feature Prints in iOS | by Anupam Chugh

Determine the Euclidean distance between images using their feature prints Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash Apple gave its Vision framework a major boost during WWDC 2019 by adding a lot of advancements. From expanding the number of classes (the term taxonomy is used for this) of its image classification requests to improvements in its … Read more

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Classify Movie Reviews With Natural Language Framework, Core ML, and SwiftUI | by Anupam Chugh

Exploring Apple’s new built-in sentiment analysis and NLP’s Text classification on a Rotten Tomatoes dataset Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash Apple showed some good progress in the field of Natural Language Processing during WWDC 2019. They’ve brought enhancements in both Text Classification And Word Tagging, the two pillars of NLP. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Scanning Credit Cards with Computer Vision on iOS | by Anupam Chugh

COMPUTER VISION Leverage Vision’s Rectangle Detection and Text Recognizer to detect credit and other business cards in a live camera feed Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash Photography has been Apple’s central focus since the inception of the iPhone. Over the years, they’ve released amazing new features that make the world a difficult place to … Read more

Introduction to RealityKit on iOS— Entities, Gestures, and Ray Casting | by Anupam Chugh

Leveraging RealityKit, Vision, and PencilKit frameworks. Time to say goodbye to SceneKit? Drawn by DALL-E 2 The introduction of iOS 13 brought a major upgrade to Apple’s augmented reality framework. ARKit 3 arrived with a lot of interesting new features — people occlusion, motion tracking, simultaneous front and back camera, and collaborative support. These enhancements … Read more