API Test Automation With RestAssured Library and Cucumber BDD Framework

Introduction to Rest Assured Library REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architecture that consumes HTTP calls for inter-system communication where a client can access the server resource with a unique URI, and the response of the resource is returned. The URI of the resource acts as a resource identifier, and HTTP operations like GET, POST, … Read more

Guide to TestNG Assertions in Selenium Based Test Automation

We all know that testing is a significant part of SDLC, which can be performed manually or automated. No matter which testing type we adopt, knowing where we are getting application blockers while testing is essential. Learning application blockers becomes a bit easy while manually testing an application as human touch is involved. However, when … Read more

Handling Iframes in Selenium Based Test Automation

An iFrame is commonly known as an inline frame which is nothing but an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document. iFrames are a simpler way to embed a web page inside another web page. iFrames are mostly used to display external information on the webpage like displaying advertisements and videos from third-party sources. The … Read more

What Is Test Monitoring and Test Control?

Introduction In the field of app testing, QA managers and other senior testing professionals must implement different test management approaches such as test monitoring and control to ensure that the test suite runs smoothly. These essential management strategies are required by the managers to track and align the test progress for optimal accuracy and efficiency. … Read more

Best Practices To Optimize Continuous Testing in DevOps

As more and more organizations undergo digital transformations, we see a growing trend towards cloud storage, cloud computing, and strategizing testing on the cloud with a DevOps mindset. Continuous testing is an integral part of DevOps. The QA teams who use the best DevOps test strategy see the importance of faster software development and delivery … Read more