Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.63 with a much smaller app size

Microsoft has released version 0.63 of its PowerToys suite of productivity tools, and this one is more of a refinement update. While it doesn’t add a lot of new features, this version of PowerToys does come with some major improvements in terms of efficiency. The team has reduced the size of the PowerToys installer from … Read more

A guide to installing APKs and App Bundles

Apps are the lifeblood of any operating system. Without apps, we can only do so much on platforms like Android on our favorite smartphones. Fortunately, Google Play offers millions of apps, but due to platform restrictions, not every good app can be found on the store. Sometimes, app availability is also restricted on a geographical … Read more

Displaying SQLite Data From the Flutter App on the iOS Home Screen | by Roman Cinis | Aug, 2022

Flutter vs. SwiftUI and Dart vs. Swift — from a Flutter developer’s perspective The background of this image is made by the starline Hey, devs! If you have already completed your Flutter project almost to perfection and are looking for other ways to improve UX when users work with your app (on iPhones, for example), … Read more

Greater App Security with Face Verification

Identity verification is among the primary contributors to mobile app security. Considering that face data is unique for each person, it has been utilized to develop a major branch of identity verification: face recognition. Face recognition has been widely applied in services we use every day, such as unlocking a mobile device, face-scan payment, access … Read more

Automate Java App Deployment: Multiple Regions

Ahoy, matey! If you want to read back over my progress up to this point, the links to the previous articles detailing my journey are at the end of this article. “What’s good about habits?” I hear you ask. Well, some habits are better (and more socially acceptable) than others! In terms of coding, a … Read more

Connect a Heroku Java App, Cloud-Native Database

Ahoy, matey! I’m back from a short vacation and ready to continue my pet project: geo-distributed messenger in Java! If you’re interested in how my dev journey began (and is going), check out the previous articles in this series: In the last article, I launched the first version of my app, which runs in Heroku … Read more

Use AWS App Runner, DynamoDB, and Cdk To Deploy and Run a Cloud-native Go App

Earlier, I covered a Serverless URL shortener application on AWS using DynamoDBAWS Lambda and API Gateway. In this blog post, we will deploy that as a REST API on AWS App Runner and continue to use DynamoDB as the database. AWS App Runner is a compute service that makes it easy to deploy applications from … Read more

String Data to Empower Your Similarity Search App

Milvus 2.1 comes with some significant updates, which make working with Milvus a lot easier. One of them is the support of string data type. Right now, Milvus supports data types including strings, vectors, Boolean, integers, floating-point numbers, and more. This article presents an introduction to the support of string data type. Read and learn … Read more

Multi-Zone Java App: Vaadin, YugabyteDB, Heroku

Ahoy, matey! At last, the time has come to build and launch the first version of my geo-distributed Java application. It took me four days (around 24 hours in total) to create this version. The app currently runs on Vaadin and Spring, it can use PostgreSQL or YugabyteDB as a database, and it either works … Read more