Multi-tenancy Architecture With Shared Schema Strategy in Webapp Application Based on Spring-boot, Thymeleaf, and Posmulten-hibernate (Part 1)

Potential Problem and Solution Let’s imagine that we are a SaaS solution provider. Your customers are primarily companies that want to have their own space in the scope of your service where their users can work together around your service. In this article, we will refer to your clients as tenants. The solution uses a … Read more

Playwright: Test Automation You Must Know

If you love to automate and test applications, you have good news. A new tool is there in the market to grab your attention and satisfy your needs for test automation. Playwright is an open-source, powerful, and reliable framework to perform end-to-end automation testing of modern web applications. It is filled with features like Cross-browser … Read more

How to Develop a Web Application With Ktor and Thymeleaf | by Matthias Schenk | Aug, 2022

Ktor and Thymeleaf work well together In my article “Switching from Spring Boot to Ktor”, I showed how easy an API endpoint can be developed using the Ktor framework (in combination with Koin and Exposed). Developing an application which is only accessed by a REST API client is one requirement, but what if I want … Read more

How To Configure Datadog Application Security Monitoring for PHP Applications | by Thomas Dimnet | Aug, 2022

From installing and configuring the agent to perform attacks and getting alerts source: The last time I wrote about SQL Injections. To be honest, at that time, I had two goals in mind: First, explain what SQL Injections are, how they work, and how to perform and prevent them. Second, how to prevent them … Read more

Creating Application using Spring Roo and Deploying on Google App Engine

Spring Roo is a rapid application development tool that helps you in rapidly building spring-based enterprise applications in the java programming language. Google app engine is a cloud computing technology that lets you run your application on Google’s infrastructure. Using Spring Roo, you can develop applications that can be used on the Google app engine. … Read more

Flex for J2EE Developers: The Case for Granite Data Services

For developers having worked on J2EE web applications for many years, getting into Flex will seem both very fun and familiar of the simplicity and power of ActionScript and the UI framework, and quite tedious and frustrating when it comes to developing the core application logic and the server integration. In some ways, developing Flex … Read more

How to Build a Custom Application Bar for Your Windows Phone App (the Easy Way)

There is nothing quite like building the perfect customized application bar to help you feel like you have made something truly special for your users. Indeed, many users report that they appreciate the efforts that companies go through to create useful utilities within the products that they already use. A customized application bar is a … Read more

Testing a Django Application With Pytest | by Akshar Raaj | Aug, 2022

Adding tests to Django polls app using Pytest In this post, we will learn how to use pytest with Django. We will write tests for Django polls application. Polls application is the official getting started tutorial for Django. Hence, we choose it over something else. We are using Python 3.10 and Django 4.0. The polls … Read more

Busting PermGen Myths – DZone Java

In my latest post I explained the reasons that can cause the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space crashes. Now it is time to talk about possible solutions to the problem. Or, more precisely, about what the Internet suggests for possible solutions. Unfortunately, I can only say that I felt my inner Jamie Hyneman from MythBusters awakening when … Read more

Migrate From ECS to EKS: #1 Trick To Make Easier

Migrating from Amazon ECS to EKS is probably the last thing you want to spend your time on; yet, you’re here. It’s likely that ECS hasn’t been serving you fully, or perhaps you’re curious if you should start planning the migration and how long will it take. I’ll try to answer most of your questions, … Read more