Vaadin Apps as Native Executables Using Quarkus

JVM is a monster – in a good way. Its architecture and especially the super-optimized just-in-time-compiler (JIT) help Java byte-code apps to run at a performance that makes startups rewrite their entire software when they grow up. But this amazing piece of engineering doesn’t come without a price. Even small JVM applications are known to … Read more

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps

It’s working great! People can easily access our services from multiple devices; what more do we need?’ said every person who, at one point in time, was asked if a mobile application is necessary for their existing web application. What comes next after your responsive website? What Is a Responsive Web Application? A responsive web … Read more

Building collaborative apps with Teams Live Share

Teams has always been on track to be an important part of Microsoft’s productivity platform, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it to the top of Redmond’s agenda. Its importance became clear as Microsoft and much of its customer base first shifted away from the office to suddenly work from home, and now is planned is … Read more

How to Reduce Cloud Cost by 99% for EDA Kafka Apps

While the cloud offers great convenience and flexibility, the operational cost for applications in the cloud can sometimes be significant. This article shows a way to substantially reduce operating costs in latency-sensitive Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Java applications by migrating from Kafka to Chronicle Queue open-source, a more resource-efficient and lower-latency queue implementation. What is EDA? … Read more

google apps script – Multi Level Data Validation – 6 in total

I have this sheet and I’m working on multi-level data validation. I was able to do the validation on 5 different levels and I’m very happy with the result. Here is a file as an example. I have 2 sheets, one called “1. Dispatching” where I need this level of validation to happen, and … Read more

Python: A Befitting Approach to Develop AI Web Apps

A Brief Account of Artificial Intelligence Before digging into the roots of why to develop AI web apps in Python, let’s the basics, including meaning, discover facts, and figures of Artificial Intelligence. Facts are the foundation of a robust success journey that proves that we are heading in the right direction. In the case of … Read more

Build Cloud-Native Apps with AWS App Runner, Redis, and AWS CDK

AWS App Runner allows you to deploy and run cloud-native applications in a fast, simple, and cost-effective manner. You can choose the programming language of your choice since App Runner can deploy directly from source code (in GitHub for example) or a Docker container image (from private or public repo in ECR) – all this … Read more

python – App’s icon is not showing in taskbar because of Custom title bar?

Disclaimer, this may not be the best approach to achieve OP`s goal, but I’m sticking to this example because: There are several question with this example on StackOverflow It shows a basic knowledge that is important for deeper digging. The improvement of this code to the original is that the style applies again after you … Read more