The Effective Solo Developer. How to multiply your productivity on a… | by Matt Robertson | Apr, 2022

How to multiply your productivity on a small team Photo by Tim Bogdanov on Unsplash I have been developing Android apps for more than a decade, working throughout this time as a solo developer or on very small teams. My experiences have ranged from setting my own roadmap and having no code reviews to having … Read more

Implementing a Web App With Rocket | by applied.math.coding | Apr, 2022

Harness the power of this mature Rust framework In this story, I want to show you an example of how one can create a web application with a backend on top of the Rocket framework. Moreover, we will containerize the app by building a docker image. The application is deemed to do something very simple. … Read more

There’s no such thing as a “DevOps” engineer | by Eric Fossas | Apr, 2022

There’s a better title Okay, so there are DevOps Engineers, but the title is misleading and in theory, it shouldn’t be used. DevOps is not any one person’s responsibility. It’s in the name itself. It is the continual goal to improve the processes between developers and operators. It often feels like giving someone that title … Read more

My Introduction to the Blockchain and Merkle Tree | by Douglas Mendez | Apr, 2022

Understand blockchain through this Go implementation Photo by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash A couple of months ago, I started playing and developing around the Blockchain, given the hype it was having lately throughout the crypto space with cryptocurrencies and all the incredible possible applications owing to the implementation of smart contracts — like NFT collections, … Read more

Why Are Phantom Types Useful?. Using the Elm programming language | by Stefan Wullems | Apr, 2022

Using the Elm programming language Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash In this post, we’re slowly going to unravel both what phantom types are, as well as why they might be useful. We’ll be using Elm as the example programming language, but if you know a bit of another programming language that supports type parameters … Read more

Agile-Thinking Mistake #5: CEO. All companies talk about focusing on… | by Andreas Slogar | Apr, 2022

All companies talk about focusing on the customer. But why is no one responsible for them? Photo by Charles Forerunner on Unsplash Companies are establishing New Work and Agile Working more and more vigorously. They want to expand the customer focus of their products and services. But why is no one focusing on the customers? … Read more

Flow Navigation With SwiftUI (Revisited) | by Nick McConnell | Apr, 2022

How to implement navigation effectively in your codebases This is a revisit of a previous couple of articles on creating a decoupled navigation flow (part 1 and part 2). Times have changed and SwiftUI, NavigationView, and my own perspective are now different (and simpler!) so thought it was worthwhile re-evaluating. I’ve recently been re-looking my … Read more

Easy State Management With React Hooks and the Context API | by David Van Fleet | Apr, 2022

Using Context to share state across components Photo by NASA on Unsplash State management can seem like an overwhelming task for React developers. In the past, maintaining a state that was shared in different parts of our component tree was extremely complicated, and we typically resorted to third-party state management libraries to help us out. … Read more

How to Deploy a Web Application to Cloud Run Automatically | by Lynn Kwong | Apr, 2022

Apply CI/CD to your web applications Image by kreatikar in Pixabay Using some web Python web frameworks like Flask, Django, or FastAPI, you can develop your APIs or web applications easily in Python. As a Python developer, these frameworks are native and easy to get started because you don’t need to learn a whole new … Read more

Clean Architecture in Software Engineering | by Draden Liang Han Sheng | Apr, 2022

Replace obsolete elements with a minimal fuss Source: Over the last several years we’ve seen a whole range of ideas regarding the architecture of systems. These include: Though these architectures all vary somewhat in their details, they are very similar. They all have the same objective, which is the separation of concerns. They all … Read more