Multi-tenancy Architecture With Shared Schema Strategy in Webapp Application Based on Spring-boot, Thymeleaf, and Posmulten-hibernate (Part 1)

Potential Problem and Solution Let’s imagine that we are a SaaS solution provider. Your customers are primarily companies that want to have their own space in the scope of your service where their users can work together around your service. In this article, we will refer to your clients as tenants. The solution uses a … Read more

How To Setup a Clean and Scalable Architecture in Android and Kotlin for Multiplatform Mobile Apps | by Mukul Jangir | Aug, 2022

A guide to help you develop easily There has always been an open debate on which architecture we should choose and why we need architecture, blah, blah, blah. In Android development, people are always confused when choosing MVVM, MVP, and MVC architecture. But yeah! Most people choose MVVM because of the model-view-view-model relation. But in … Read more

Conceptual Architecture — Conversational AI/NLP

This document provides Conceptual Architecture for Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Natural Language Processing (NLP) based Platform for Customer Support and Agent Services. This document highlights Traditional Conversational Platform and its limitations. Key capabilities of AI/NLP Based Conversational Platform that are required to make the platform efficient which addresses the end-to-end need. Conceptual Architecture or … Read more

Geo-Distributed Apps Architecture: How Different

Ahoy, matey! Welcome back to my journal, where I’ve been documenting my experience of building a geo-distributed app in Java from scratch. In the previous article, I broke down the definition of geo-distributed apps. If you missed that part of the journey, turn the “page” back to catch up. Today, I’ll compare and contrast geo-distributed … Read more

The Ultimate Clean Architecture Template for TypeScript Projects | by Aziz Nal | Aug, 2022

A guide on creating a layer-based TypeScript project template following the principles of clean architecture Photo by Max Langelott on Unsplash Table of ContentsIntroWhat is clean architectureA Detailed Implementation GuideCreate your project directories and rootConfiguring Core, Data, and DISetting up the mono repo configurationSetting up dependencies between packagesHow do I use this masterpiece of a … Read more

Automatically Creating Microservices Architecture Diagrams

In application development, microservices is an architectural style where larger applications are structured as a collection of smaller, independent, yet interconnected services. While this allows for highly maintainable and testable applications (as each service can be maintained independent of the larger application), the problem with this method is the inherent complexity of interactions between microservices. … Read more

Why Pulsar Beats Kafka for a Scalable, Distributed Data Architecture

The leading open-source event streaming platforms are Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar. For enterprise architects and application developers, choosing the right event streaming approach is critical, as these technologies will help their apps scale up around data to support operations in production. Everyone wants results faster. We want applications that know what we want, even … Read more

Build an App for SpaceX Using Clean Architecture in iOS | by Ahmed Iqbal

Setup the launchpad Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash In this walkthrough, we’ll learn how to use the VIP clean architecture pattern to develop apps for Apple platforms. We will develop a Clean SpaceX app where we will be showingcasing information regarding the rockets which have been made and experimented with by SpaceX. Compared to … Read more

Publish/Subscribe Architecture Design Pattern – DZone Integration

In this article, we will demonstrate how to implement Mule applications with pub-sub design patterns. Here we will be using RabbitMQ as a message queuing broker. Pub/Sub architecture: The publish-subscribe pattern, also known as Pub/Sub, is an architectural design pattern that provides a framework for exchanging messages between publishers and subscribers. This pattern involves the … Read more

A Complete Guide to IoT Architecture

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing from strength to strength. IoT projects are in development across a huge variety of industries thanks to the technology’s automation, data gathering, and processing potential. However, understanding IoT architecture is key to creating a successful IoT project and leveraging all of its benefits. Why? Because it can give … Read more