node.js – “$pull” doesn’t delete the embedded documents of mongoose array

Backend – IndexJS const Koa = require(“Koa”); const client = require(“./dal/”); const bodyParser = require(“koa-bodyparser”); const cors = require(“@koa/cors”); const app = new Koa(); app.use(cors()); app.use(bodyParser()); const userRouter = require(“./routes/users.router”); app.use(userRouter.routes()).use(userRouter.allowedMethods()); const subjectsRouter = require(“./routes/subjects.router”); app.use(subjectsRouter.routes()).use(subjectsRouter.allowedMethods()); const courseRouter = require(“./routes/courses.router”); app.use(courseRouter.routes()).use(courseRouter.allowedMethods()); app.listen(3000); console.log(“server running on port 3000”); Backend – Dal – IndexJS const { MongoClient … Read more

javascript – How to modify checked status of user input on individual card without modifying all cards (when using a for loop to run through an array)

Library project. When I add a new book to my library, the newest book’s read status changes all the book’s read statuses to the latest instead of only modifying the book that is currently being added. I believe this is because I remove all the cards at the beginning of the displayBooks() function. I do … Read more

Trouble pulling SQLite data to an array and populating TextViews in android studio

I have an application that allows students to create terms, courses, and assessments. The information that they input is stored in an SQLite database. One of the requirements for the application is that students have the ability to view course details, term details, and assessment details. I have a SELECT query to pull course information … Read more

javascript – count if there are dates in array that match condition

function calculate() { var day = document.first.len11c.value; var mon = document.first.len12c.value; var year = document.first.len13c.value; var ylen = year.length; var m = new Array(“Jan”, “Feb”, “March”, “April”, “May”, “June”, “July”, “Aug”, “Sept”, “Oct”, “Nov”, “Dec”); var curd = new Date(year, mon – 1, day); var res2 = curd.getMonth(); var res = new Date(); var diff … Read more

javascript – How to remove duplicate id from array of object by status?

Hello all I am trying to remove duplicate id from array by status but I am not getting it below is my array and code which I try. [ { “id”: “1”, “room_no”: “Room No 101”, “status”: “confirm”, “created_at”: “2021-10-27 17:41:05”, “bid”: “70”, “rid”: “1”, “guest_name”: “test”, “tariff”: “2000”, “apaid”: “2000”, “ckdate”: “2022-06-17”, “bstatus”: “confirm” … Read more

How to pass a multidimensional array to a function in C and C++

Note: This answer doesn’t answer the specifics of the OP’s question. There are already answers for that. Rather, it answers only the title of the OP’s question: “How to pass a multidimensional array to a function in C and C++”, since Google searches for that phrase or similar lead right here. Keep in mind if … Read more

javascript – Understanding unique keys for array children in React.js

Be careful when iterating over arrays!! It is a common misconception that using the index of the element in the array is an acceptable way of suppressing the error you are probably familiar with: Each child in an array should have a unique “key” prop. However, in many cases it is not! This is anti-pattern … Read more

reactjs – How to pass a specific array element to a modal in react?

In my PoolListItem.jsx I have a table component with information of devices. However since I have a lot of information I want to display the less important ones on a modal when I click on a button. The body of the table looks like this inside a return: <tbody> { => ( <tr className={Styles.device}> … Read more