Efficiently Sort Geo-points by Distance in Elasticsearch | by Aryella Lacerda | Jul, 2022

Querying geo-distance Photo by Z on Unsplash There are a lot of use cases for calculating the distance between two points in a search. If you’re working with geographical data, regardless of what business you’re in, this is bound to come up. And then you’ll probably need to take a distance into account when sorting … Read more

Over the Air (OTA) Updates With React Native CodePush and GitHub Actions | by Aryella Lacerda | Jun, 2022

One way to address a classic mobile deployment problem in React Nativeā€¦ without having to go through the official app stores After much debugging, you identify the source of a critical bug. Hurrah, it’s an easy fix! Unfortunately, you also identify that the bug started in version v1.0.0 and you’ve already shipped version v1.0.1 with … Read more