.net – Intermittent Async SQLClient issue c#

I have this strange Intermittent Async SQLClient issue. We’ve recently migrated our .net core code from sync to async. I have an example of our code below. using (var con = new SqlConnection(_fimpConnectionString)) using (var cmd = new SqlCommand(“EMP2_GetPrositeDetails”, con) { CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure }) { cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter(“@SiteURL”, site.Host)); await con.OpenAsync(); using (var dr = … Read more

Async All The Way Down!. SqlAlchemy 1.4 now supports asyncio | by Peter Bunyan

Callooh! Clay!¹ SqlAlchemy 1.4 now supports asyncio. The work they have done is spectacular. For years I have been using SqlAlchemy with Tornado and have had to resort to a ThreadPoolExecutor to make my queries run in parallel. No more. Now it will be async all the way down to the last turtle. Unless, of … Read more

Look at Swift Async Algorithms | Alex Dremov

Apple released an async swift algorithms package that introduces useful ways of working with asynchronous sequences About a month ago, Apple released the first version of the async swift algorithms package. It provides tools and algorithms to use with the introduced not that far ago asynchronous sequence. The package focuses on already implementing well-known tools … Read more