Should You Use AsyncIO for Your Next Python Web Application?

Python’s AsyncIO web ecosystem continues to mature, but should you build your next production application with one of these shiny new frameworks such as FastAPI, Starlette, or Quart? Table of Contents A Brief History of Python Web Server Interfaces Prior to PEP 333, Python web application frameworks, such as Zope, Quixote, and Twisted Web would … Read more

Async All The Way Down!. SqlAlchemy 1.4 now supports asyncio | by Peter Bunyan

Callooh! Clay!ยน SqlAlchemy 1.4 now supports asyncio. The work they have done is spectacular. For years I have been using SqlAlchemy with Tornado and have had to resort to a ThreadPoolExecutor to make my queries run in parallel. No more. Now it will be async all the way down to the last turtle. Unless, of … Read more