Use AWS App Runner, DynamoDB, and Cdk To Deploy and Run a Cloud-native Go App

Earlier, I covered a Serverless URL shortener application on AWS using DynamoDBAWS Lambda and API Gateway. In this blog post, we will deploy that as a REST API on AWS App Runner and continue to use DynamoDB as the database. AWS App Runner is a compute service that makes it easy to deploy applications from … Read more

AWS CDK Project Blueprint – Modeling and Organizing (Part 2/2)

Welcome back! This is the second part of a two-part article series. With this article, my goal is to build a blueprint to show a way how to model, organize and structure our Infrastructure-as-Code Projects using the AWS-CDK framework. Check here to access the first part of this article. Now, in this second part, as … Read more

AWS CDK Project Blueprint – Modeling and Organizing (Part 1/2)

As systems/software engineers, learning a new tool or framework sometimes is not the hardest part of our “technological life”. We likely need to get used to some new concepts, and terms regarding this tool/framework, and, of course, learn how to use it. We usually get this part done quite fast. But, after that, we start … Read more

Amazon Lightsail: Virtual Cloud Server

Amazon Lightsail, launched in 2016, is essentially a virtual private server (VPS) that offers you everything needed to deploy an application or website in a cost-effective and easy-to-understand manner. It is a basic service, but extremely convenient. It is designed for customers, developers, small businesses, or startups to get quickly started in AWS. It reduces … Read more

The Challenges of Ajax CDN

For the longest time, hosting static files on CDNs was the de facto standard for performance tuning website pages. The host offered browser caching advantages, better stability, and storage on fast edge servers across strategic geolocations. Not only did it have performance benefits, but it was also convenient for developers. Recent developments, however, show that … Read more

Build a Serverless URL Shortener With Go

This blog post covers how to build a Serverless URL shortener application using Go. It leverages AWS Lambda for business logic, DynamoDB for persistence, and API Gateway to provide the HTTP endpoints to access and use the application. The sample application presented in this blog is a trimmed-down version of or other solutions you … Read more

How Cloudflare emerged to take on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Cloudflare is in the midst of a significant transformation, as it continues to build out the tools developers need to run their applications across a global network of edge locations. Recent moves put the 18-year-old internet security and performance company on a collision course with the industry-dominating hyperscale cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, … Read more

What’s AWS Well-Architected Framework? | by Jakub Kapuscik | Jul, 2022

How to balance your software architecture? Photo by Christophe Hautier on Unsplash The software architecture is a set of significant decisions that have been taken. Designing a good and long-living software that you would be happy to work with is a complex and hard task. Very very hard. We have to make tough trade-offs while … Read more

AWS, Azure, and GCP: Find the Right Platform

The cloud computing market is one of the most dynamic and attractive industries in the world. It’s also incredibly complex, and it can be hard to know where to start if you’re looking for a cloud platform to support your business. The cloud is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s helping to democratize technology. … Read more

Introduction to AWS Config: Simplified Cloud Audit

Modern cloud environments are ever-changing, and so is the nature of cloud computing. The growing cloud assets accompany the attack surface expansion problem for organizations, which unveils the need for visibility of cloud resources. AWS Config addresses that exact demand. It can be challenging to understand resources within your infrastructure like: Seeing what resources you … Read more