azure – Py4JJavaError: An error occurred while calling : org.apache.spark.SparkException: Writing job aborted

I m trying to write data into cosmos db using the dataframe df_u. i have defined the configuration in writeMcgMd. im using spark version 3.2.1 Code – df_u.write.format(“cosmos.oltp”).options(**writeMcgMd).mode(“append”).save() Used – writeMcgMd = { “spark.cosmos.accountEndpoint” : “”, “spark.cosmos.accountKey” : “ccc”, “spark.cosmos.database” : “cccc”, “spark.cosmos.container” : “ccc”, # “spark.cosmos.write.strategy”: “ItemOverwrite” } Error from driver logs from databriks … Read more

How to initiate tables lock for stored procedure in Azure Synapse Analytics?

Currently, I encountered an issue on Azure Synapse Analytics. I have a parent_cust_industry table which is full refresh – The table loads using stored procedure as below: CREATE PROCEDURE [trans_globalreference_edw_tedw].[parent_cust_industry_proc] @pipeline_name VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_run_id VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_name VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_id VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_type VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_date_time_utc DATETIME2 AS BEGIN TRY — LOAD TYPE: Full refresh IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM … Read more

Azure pipeline iteration for ARM template Parameters

I have a bicep file as below to create role assignment to resourceGroup scope using azure devops pipeline. main.bicep targetScope=”resourceGroup” @description(‘Principal type of the assignee.’) @allowed([ ‘Device’ ‘ForeignGroup’ ‘Group’ ‘ServicePrincipal’ ‘User’ ]) param principalType string @description(‘the id for the role defintion, to define what permission should be assigned’) param RoleDefinitionId string @description(‘the id of the … Read more

Microsoft Azure eases Kubernetes development with a new Draft

Cloud-native development isn’t as easy as it could be. Platforms such as Kubernetes simplify the process of running a scalable set of services, but you still need to create the application you’re running in the cloud. It’s not a matter of putting your code in a container and writing some configuration YAML; You need much … Read more

azure – Assigning Static Ip to nic(copy loop) in ARM template

I am trying to change dynamic private ip assigned VM to Static IP via ARM template. It works for a single vm. But facing issue for multiple VM’s deployment. I am trying nested deployment. The error I am facing is: The template reference “nic-“somevmname”-01″ is not valid: could not find template resource or resource copy … Read more – .NET 6 – minimal web app for permanent redirect on Azure App Service on Linux

I have a subdomain which must redirect any route to a main domain root: http(s):// => http(s)://{*anything} => So, I have created a minimal .NET 6 web app: using System.Net; WebApplicationBuilder builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args); builder.Services.AddHttpsRedirection(options => { options.RedirectStatusCode = (int)HttpStatusCode.PermanentRedirect; options.HttpsPort = 443; }); WebApplication app = builder.Build(); app.Urls.Add(“http://+”); app.Urls.Add(“https://+”); app.UseHttpsRedirection(); app.MapGet(“/”, () … Read more