php – Traslado de pedido de Woocommerce a una base de datos externa

Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Me gustaría saber como pasar información de un pedido realizado con Woocommerce a una base de datos externa que no tiene relaciona con WordPress Estoy utilizando Code Snippets para agregar el fragmento de código que … Read more

Understand Source Code — Diving Deep into the Code Base, Locally and in Production | by Shai Almog | Jun, 2022

Why you should debug when there’s no bug Say you have a new code base to study or picked up an open source project. You might be a seasoned developer for whom this is another project in a packed resume. Alternatively, you might be a junior engineer for whom this is the first “real” project. … Read more

c++ – How do I access a member function in an object declared in a base class from a derived class?

I have a base class called CTD that instantiates a singleton real time clock (RTC) object. The RTC is a singleton because it’s an embedded system with only 1 RTC and several other classes need to get time data from the RTC. I have a derived singleton class called CTD1 that inherits CTD. Again, CTD1 … Read more