merge two xml files xslt 3 based on ite value of common d element

<breakfast_menu> <food> <name>Belgian Waffles</name> <id>$5</id> <description>Two of our famous Belgian Waffles with plenty of real maple syrup</description> <calories>650</calories> </food> <food> <name>Strawberry Belgian Waffles</name> <id>7</id> <description>Light Belgian waffles covered with strawberries and whipped cream</description> <calories>900</calories> </food> <food> <name>Berry-Berry Belgian Waffles</name> <id>8</id> <description>Light Belgian waffles covered with an assortment of fresh berries and whipped cream</description> <calories>900</calories> </food> … Read more

android – How to hide or NOT SHOW items in a Room Database based on a Boolean

I have a Todo Application and I want to hide (which basically means not showing) the tasks based on its completed status(strikeThrough over the text). However, the hideCompleted tasks implementation I followed isn’t working but the sort and search is working and I said this because I put all the Implementations in a single query … Read more

dplyr – Unifying variable level names based on manual entry text variations in R

The data I am using are based on self completed, mannually entered text responses to a questionnaire. The problem is, especially with regards to fish species, people abbreviate, call them by different names, spell things wrong, etc. How do I take all of the related names in a series of three columns and make them … Read more

python 3.x – Tile based lighting system 2d

For 2D games like you’re making, how we could apply lighting – more like, shadowing – could go into 2 options: Change screen color to shadow color & set transparency to objects, as OP suggested Sandwich entire thing between screen and light layer Let’s start with problem of 1st option: Problem of setting transparency Here’s … Read more

Property Based Testing Framework for Node

Understand how fast-check works with a practical example Photo by pine watt on Unsplash The Pragmatic Programmer introduces a method of testing called property-based testing, in which an example is given in Python, using the framework hypothesis. The usage of the hypothesis is very intuitive and simple and presents the concept of property-based testing perfectly. … Read more

postman – API call to return a record based on a nested value

I am attempting to find the account with room 101. Room 101 is a nested value and I can’t figure out how to write the query to only return the accont with room = 101. Hopefully somebody knows the answer. This API call: https://{{fqdn}}/admin/scaffolds/accounts/index.json?api_key={{api-key}} Returns these results: [ { “id”: 1, “type”: null, “login”: “xbox1”, … Read more

Proximity Marketing – An IoT Based Approach for Improved Results

Introduction IoT has penetrated many domains and areas and has been successful. It has revolutionized the industry altogether, and this article will reveal the capabilities of IoT for Proximity Marketing. The reader would be able to connect and understand the problem statement and realize the importance of this innovation. The Problem Statement With the advent … Read more

Guide to TestNG Assertions in Selenium Based Test Automation

We all know that testing is a significant part of SDLC, which can be performed manually or automated. No matter which testing type we adopt, knowing where we are getting application blockers while testing is essential. Learning application blockers becomes a bit easy while manually testing an application as human touch is involved. However, when … Read more

Handling Iframes in Selenium Based Test Automation

An iFrame is commonly known as an inline frame which is nothing but an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document. iFrames are a simpler way to embed a web page inside another web page. iFrames are mostly used to display external information on the webpage like displaying advertisements and videos from third-party sources. The … Read more

LineageOS 19 based on Android 12 is now officially available

LineageOS has been a strong driving force in the world of aftermarket Android development. As the successor to CyanogenMod, the project spans over literal hundreds of devices, offering the enthusiast community a way out of heavy and bloated systems and a dive into modifications for those with minimal skins. Now, the LineageOS team is marking … Read more