vb.net – How do I dynamically create, and populate a Table in ASP.NET using Visual Basic code? (DataTable Possibly??)

Well, the issue (and difficult challenge) is that you are thinking of a table in HTML and markup on the page. The problem is that ‘table’ as HTML is just markup, and as a result, REALLY difficult to work with. So, what you want to do is at a conceptual level split out (seperate) your … Read more

pointers – Improve my solution to basic C linked list management functions

I would appreciate some help relative to my code solution, which deals with linked list management in C. I’ll already declare the only strange writing thing with my request: I am a C++ file, but I am actually mostly leveraging C resources (malloc(), free(), etc.); that said, given the basic code I provide, I am … Read more

The Advanced Risk of Basic Roles In GCP IAM

Most GCP users know that granting basic roles is a really bad practice, but you may be surprised to learn that the risk is much more serious than it might seem because basic roles actually grant far more than what appears on the permissions list (which is already excessive, of course). For the owner role, … Read more

java – Why Basic Sample project from architecture-components-samples with Room db works but this example doesn’t work?

I’m working on android project with room db and I’m getting crazy about this problem. The db doesn’t create what ever I try. No errors, nothing in Logcat and nothing also while debugging. I did exactly the same as Basic Sample. I have another project based on the same exact sample and it’s working there!!. … Read more

math – Basic example of how to do numerical integration in C++

Numerical derivation and integration in code for physics, mapping, robotics, gaming, dead-reckoning, and controls Pay attention to where I use the words “estimate” vs “measurement” below. The difference is important. Measurements are direct readings from a sensor. Ex: a GPS measure position (meters) directly, and a speedometer measures speed (m/s) directly. Estimates are calculated projections … Read more

c++ – What are the basic rules and idioms for operator overloading?

Most of the work in overloading operators is boiler-plate code. That is little wonder, since operators are merely syntactic sugar, their actual work could be done by (and often is forwarded to) plain functions. But it is important that you get this boiler-plate code right. If you fail, either your operator’s code won’t compile or … Read more