Fast charging has gotten fast enough. Give us better battery life instead!

Xiaomi has pushed out several mobile hardware boundaries in 2022, including launching the first phone with an uncropped 1-inch sensor, the thinnest foldable phone by some distance, and very recently, 210W fast charging in a smartphone, which can apparently top up a 4,300 m. mAh battery in just nine minutes. While I think the first … Read more

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a bigger battery, faster charging, and a temperature sensor

Samsung today unveiled the all-new Galaxy Watch 5 series alongside its latest foldables and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. The new Wear OS smartwatch lineup consists of two smartwatches — the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. We’ve already taken an in-depth look at the high-end Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in a … Read more

Solid entry-level earbuds with exceptional battery life

OnePlus’s Nord smartphones are good-looking, nail the essentials, and are always pocket-friendly. Now OnePlus wants to expand this formula to other products as it seeks to expand the Nord line beyond smartphones. The long-term goal likely involves creating a Nord product ecosystem consisting of earbuds, smartwatches, etc. The OnePlus Nord Buds is the first product … Read more