Spring, IoC Containers, and Static Code Principles

In this article, I would like to discuss the inversion of control patterns, static code (can be legacy or newly created) within an IoC framework like spring, and the issue of wiring utility methods in static code inside the IoC framework. Static Methods For example, we have an HttpUtils class with inside a bunch of … Read more

java – How to solve No bean named ‘springSecurityFilterChain’ available

The bounty expires in 3 hours. Answers to this question are eligible for a +50 reputation bounty. Barak Kedem wants to draw more attention to this question. Recently we made multiple dependencies change – and clean up old code and our springSecurityFilterChain code got broken I have searhced online in multiple links which … Read more

spring boot – Mockito: Unable to mock fields of mocked bean

I’m having trouble mocking a couple of service classes in an integration test and need help in solving this issue. I have the following two service classes: @Service @Transactional public class ScreeningService { private final ScreeningRepository screeningRepository; public ScreeningService(ScreeningRepository screeningRepository) { this.screeningRepository = screeningRepository; } public ScreeningDto findById(Long id) { return screeningRepository.findById(id).map(this::convertToDto) .orElseThrow(() -> new … Read more

spring – Error: Consider defining a bean of type ‘org.springframework.security.crypto.bcrypt.BCryptPasswordEncoder’ in your configuration

I am getting the following error message: APPLICATION FAILED TO START Description: Parameter 1 of constructor in dev.guilder.SnowballCalculator.UserManagement.Service.AppUserService required a bean of type ‘org.springframework.security.crypto.bcrypt.BCryptPasswordEncoder’ that could not be found. Action: Consider defining a bean of type ‘org.springframework.security.crypto.bcrypt.BCryptPasswordEncoder’ in your configuration. My WebSecurityConfig is: package dev.guilder.SnowballCalculator.Configurations; import dev.guilder.SnowballCalculator.UserManagement.Service.AppUserService; import lombok.AllArgsConstructor; import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean; import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration; import org.springframework.security.authentication.dao.DaoAuthenticationProvider; … Read more