MongoDB vs DynamoDB Head-to-Head – DZone Database

Databases are a key architectural component of many applications and services. Traditionally, organizations have chosen relational databases like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Postgres. Relational databases use tables and structured languages ​​to store data. They usually have a fixed schema, strict data types, and formally-defined relationships between tables using foreign keys. They’re reliable, fast, and … Read more

Change Data Capture to Accelerate Real-Time Analytics

There is nothing new in saying that startups leverage Big Data and AI to develop more innovative business models. As a result, Big Data and AI matters have been ubiquitous in executive and technical forums. But they have often been discussed at such a high level that folks end up missing details on such companies’ … Read more

Understanding Data Analytics Techniques – DZone Big Data

Data is becoming crucial for success in the digital. You might ask, why do organizations rely so much on data? Well, a majority of organizations rely on data for multiple processes, from product management and fraud detection to HR, finance, and manufacturing. Data analytics allow users to use pre-made reports to track performance metrics on … Read more

Streaming Solution for Better Transparency

What do you do when you have million-dollar equipment in your manufacturing pipeline giving you sleepless nights? To mitigate risk, you might create a digital counterpart of your physical asset, popularly known as the Digital twin, and leverage augmented intelligence derived from data streams. IoT makes the solution affordab,le and big data enables analytics at … Read more

Impact of Big Data on Promoting Digital Privacy

There is no doubt that our current state of living is based on our connection to the digital space. The 21st century has had a big shift in the majority of things online, companies are now relocating to the cloud, and we have the availability of online banking and marketing; see also, our social and … Read more

Data Lineage Is Broken — Here Are 5 Ways to Fix It

Data lineage isn’t new, but automation has finally made it accessible and scalable—to a certain extent. In the old days (way back in the mid-2010s), lineage happened through a lot of manual work. This involved identifying data assets, tracking them to their ingestion sources, documenting those sources, mapping the path of data as it moved … Read more

Challenges to Designing Data Pipelines at Scale

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Data Pipelines Trend Report. For more: Read the Report The current challenge in the world of data is no longer in the processing capacity of volumes of data. Because of the performance of modern current streaming platforms and owing to a new generation of data repositories that allow … Read more

An Overview of Key Components of a Data Pipeline

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Data Pipelines Trend Report. For more: Read the Report With the consistent growth of data-driven applications, the complexities of consolidating data from multiple sources for streamlined decision making is often considered a key challenge. While data forms the foundation of analytics and operational efficiency, processing big data requires … Read more

Businesses Discover the Shocking Cost of Bad Data

Big data has become incredibly important for many companies all over the world. Unfortunately, the growing emphasis on big data has led to some poor decision-making. Many entities are prioritizing data scalability at the expense of data quality. As a result, bad data is costing them a lot of problems. In the USA alone, bad … Read more

Accelerating Similarity Search on Really Big Data with Vector Indexing (Part II)

Many popular artificial intelligence (AI) applications are powered by vector databases, from computer vision to new drug discovery. Indexing, a process of organizing data that drastically accelerates big data search, enables us to efficiently query million, billion, or even trillion-scale vector datasets. This article is supplementary to the previous blog, “Accelerating Similarity Search on Really … Read more