Crossplane: The Next Big Thing for Infrastructure as Code | by Vaibhav Rajput | Jun, 2022

Getting started with Crossplane Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash Infrastructure as Code has been out there for quite some time now. It came to solve an issue and kept evolving with new features. We’ve seen days of CFEngine. Went through Chef, Puppet, Ansible and are living in the Terraform and Pulumi era. Crossplane is … Read more

Understanding Data Analytics Techniques – DZone Big Data

Data is becoming crucial for success in the digital. You might ask, why do organizations rely so much on data? Well, a majority of organizations rely on data for multiple processes, from product management and fraud detection to HR, finance, and manufacturing. Data analytics allow users to use pre-made reports to track performance metrics on … Read more

Impact of Big Data on Promoting Digital Privacy

There is no doubt that our current state of living is based on our connection to the digital space. The 21st century has had a big shift in the majority of things online, companies are now relocating to the cloud, and we have the availability of online banking and marketing; see also, our social and … Read more

Consequences of Bad Data – DZone Big Data

You may not have heard the term data downtime, but I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced it and the cost of bad data firsthand. Urgent ping from your CEO about “missing data” in a critical report? Duplicate tables wreaking havoc in your Snowflake warehouse, all titled some variation of “Mikes_Table_GOOD-V3.”? Or, perhaps you’ve unintentionally made … Read more

EU harmonizing fast charging with USB PD will be a big deal for Android

For those that don’t know, European lawmakers reached an agreement earlier this week to force manufacturers of electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, and more to use the same universal charging port — USB-C. That’s right, USB-C everything is being written into the law and it’ll come into effect by Fall 2024 in … Read more

Running Python Script on the Web Using PyScript— The Next Big Thing? | by Yong Cui | May, 2022

Probably if it continues to evolve Photo by Jackson So on Unsplash During the 2022 PyCon US conference, one of the keynote speakers Peter Wang unveiled PyScript — a way to write Python script directly within HTML. If you don’t know Peter, you may have heard of Anaconda, which is one of the most popular … Read more

posix – Maven assembly-plugin “group id ‘1377585961’ is too big” error

I’m trying to understand why only one (new) MacBookPro in our dev-team, running OS-X 10.10.5, is having a problem with the Assemble phase of a Project that no other MacBook on the project is having. I’m wondering if anyone else run into this contradictory phenomenon, and does anyone have an explanation for it? This is … Read more

A small speaker with big sound

The Amazon Echo family is bigger today than ever. There really is something for everyone, from the tiny speaker to the massive display and everything in-between. It’s the former we’re looking at here, the smallest, most affordable member of the Amazon Echo family. Well strictly, that’s not quite true, the Echo Flex exists, but the … Read more

Accelerating Similarity Search on Really Big Data with Vector Indexing (Part II)

Many popular artificial intelligence (AI) applications are powered by vector databases, from computer vision to new drug discovery. Indexing, a process of organizing data that drastically accelerates big data search, enables us to efficiently query million, billion, or even trillion-scale vector datasets. This article is supplementary to the previous blog, “Accelerating Similarity Search on Really … Read more

What is a data lake? Massively scalable storage for big data analytics

In 2011, James Dixon, then CTO of the business intelligence company Pentaho, coined the term data lake. He described the data lake in contrast to the information silos typical of data marts, which were popular at the time: If you think of a data mart as a store of bottled water—cleansed and packaged and structured … Read more