Getting Started Building on the NEAR Network with Infura

Web3 and smart contracts are growing in popularity. In fact, a recent analysis of public code repositories has shown that over 18,000 developers are regularly contributing to open source crypto and Web3 projects on a monthly basis. Some of the keys to this growth are blockchains like NEAR and developer platforms like Infura. This article … Read more

It Can Be an IoNT Integrate With Blockchain?

The Internet of Nano Things is one of the most talked-about topics in today’s tech world. However, there are many challenges facing IoNT. The author speculates that several challenges can be solved with Blockchain-based on author sources. This article will discuss the differences between IoNT and IoT and how Blockchain addresses the challenges of IoNT. … Read more

Making AI accountable: Blockchain, governance, and auditability

The past few years have brought much hand wringing and arm waving about artificial intelligence (AI), as business people and technologists alike worry about the outsize decisioning power they believe these systems to have. As a data scientist, I am accustomed to being the voice of reason about the possibilities and limitations of AI. In … Read more

My Introduction to the Blockchain and Merkle Tree | by Douglas Mendez | Apr, 2022

Understand blockchain through this Go implementation Photo by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash A couple of months ago, I started playing and developing around the Blockchain, given the hype it was having lately throughout the crypto space with cryptocurrencies and all the incredible possible applications owing to the implementation of smart contracts — like NFT collections, … Read more

Understand How a Blockchain Peer to Peer Network Works | by Abhishek Chauhan | Apr, 2022

How a blockchain uses a p2p network to solve the double-spending issue as well as exclude financial institutions? blockchain p2p network | photo credit: Jack Moreh In this article, you will see how the cryptocurrency P2P network works. You will explore different blockchains policies specifically and the P2P network in general by breaking the P2P … Read more

How the blockchain is evolving | InfoWorld

The blockchain is well known for firing digital currencies. Although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have the lion’s share of media attention, there is another revolutionary possibility inherent in blockchain technology: secure, decentralized data processing. Don’t let the dull wording dent your enthusiasm. Newer blockchain systems propose to create a global, distributed Turing machine upon which a … Read more