Enabling Business Transaction Monitoring – DZone Integration

Introduction IBM App Connect V12 introduced a new capability called Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) which allows the user to record a message throughout its lifecycle and determine its outcome. What Is Transaction Monitoring? Transaction monitoring involves surveying each message that passes through your flows and ruling whether it was transmitted successfully or had failed to … Read more

Reasons Why DevOps Adoption Might Be of Help for Business

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Tech Stack: Improve Business and Increase Growth

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Java Outsourcing, a Strong Business, and Management Approaches

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Why Is Software Integration Important for Business?

Software integration is an essential part of any modern business that uses machines or projects across different modules, programs, or software to get the job done. It enables seamless interaction with all products in a modular and integrated approach. Still, it also helps companies find software solutions for their needs and stay up-to-date with the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Business vs Dell Latitude 5430: Which to buy?

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Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Business vs Dell Latitude 7430

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Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Business

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