Reusable EC2 Instances Using Terraform Modules | by Michael Cassidy | Jul, 2022

A guide to mastering EC2 restructuring In this project, we will go through a simple restructuring of an EC2 Instance template forked from GitHub. We will recreate the code using modules to make it more reusable and adaptable to a development or production environment. We will also go through how to remotely store our Terraform … Read more

Docker: Build a Custom NGINX Image and Push It to AWS ECR and GitLab | by Michael Cassidy | Jun, 2022

This project will give a walk-through on how to build a custom NGINX Docker Image through AWS Cloud9 using a Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml file. We will push that image to AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR). We will also push the Image to GitLab, and finally, we will set up a CI/CD pipeline in GitLab. … Read more