Introduction to RealityKit on iOS— Entities, Gestures, and Ray Casting | by Anupam Chugh

Leveraging RealityKit, Vision, and PencilKit frameworks. Time to say goodbye to SceneKit? Drawn by DALL-E 2 The introduction of iOS 13 brought a major upgrade to Apple’s augmented reality framework. ARKit 3 arrived with a lot of interesting new features — people occlusion, motion tracking, simultaneous front and back camera, and collaborative support. These enhancements … Read more

casting – Is the chromecast default receiver able to play HLS audio only streams?

I’ve been having a terrible time trying to play a HLS AAC audio only stream to a chromecast device. Supposedly the default receiver application handles HLS, and it seems to sort of do so, but the audio never plays. The stream I’m testing works with several other HLS web players like hsl.js and Shaka Player, … Read more