r – How to center ggplot label on multiple geom_pointranges (three or more)?

I created a point range chart in ggplot2 but the labels are not directly centered over the points (see the figure and the code below). How do I center each label over its respective point in this plot? I have asked this question before but the solution only works for two point ranges, not three. … Read more

How to create a cloud center of excellence

Any sizeable organization focused on developing and deploying cloud-native applications should consider establishing a cloud center of excellence (CCoE). Creating a CCoE will help you successfully leverage the cloud to increase the scale and agility of your business. In a previous article, I discussed the benefits of a CCoE and why you would want to … Read more

The new Elastic CEO puts cloud front and center

The new CEO of the enterprise search software company Elastic has one priority: cloud. “Cloud is front and center,” he told InfoWorld during a recent interview. “That is really where you should continue to see me double down.” Elastic Elastic CEO Ashutosh Kulkarni Before taking over as CEO in January of this year, Ashutosh Kulkarni … Read more