Multi-Cloud Management: Tools, Challenges, etc.

Many organizations implemented a digital strategy using the cloud to boost productivity, reduce costs, and increase their scale. Cloud migration simplifies workflows and makes it easier to find and share them securely, leading to digital transformation. Multi-Cloud Management The process of tracking, securing, and optimizing multi-cloud deployment is called multi-cloud management. A vendor’s cloud service … Read more

The Challenges of Ajax CDN

For the longest time, hosting static files on CDNs was the de facto standard for performance tuning website pages. The host offered browser caching advantages, better stability, and storage on fast edge servers across strategic geolocations. Not only did it have performance benefits, but it was also convenient for developers. Recent developments, however, show that … Read more

Regression Testing in CI/CD and Its Challenges

The introduction of the continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) process has strengthened the software release mechanism, helping products go to market faster than ever before and allowing application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably. Regression testing ensures no new mistakes have been introduced to a software application by testing newly modified code … Read more

Top Salesforce Deployment Challenges and Tips

As Salesforce organizations strive to improve IT delivery, making it faster, more quality-focused, and secure, they continue to face deployment challenges. Increased customer demands and high velocity releases every now and then are creating bottlenecks for Salesforce enterprises. This is where you need to recognize the Salesforce deployment challenges your team is facing and finding … Read more

10 JavaScript Promise Challenges Before You Start an Interview | by bytefish | Jun, 2022

Whether you are an interviewee or an interviewer. The Promise is the key feature of JavaScript asynchronous programming. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to understand it. Here I’ve provided code challenges of Promise, from basic to advanced. There are 10 code snippets. And you should guess the output. Please try it … Read more

Azure Data Factory: A Contemporary Solution for Modern Data Integration Challenges

As more data is available, it becomes more challenging to handle. Investing in innovative services and tools lets you get more value from data. Modern businesses must embrace effective tools, technologies, and innovative methods to succeed. This is where the Azure Data Factory comes into play. ADF allows you to orchestrate data processes, analyze the … Read more

Challenges to Designing Data Pipelines at Scale

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Data Pipelines Trend Report. For more: Read the Report The current challenge in the world of data is no longer in the processing capacity of volumes of data. Because of the performance of modern current streaming platforms and owing to a new generation of data repositories that allow … Read more

Challenges of Building a Next-Gen Gambling App

Imagine you’re watching a baseball game. In the middle of the fifth inning, your pitcher throws a strike and then another one. The fan sitting next to you jumps to his feet in a jubilant celebration. You could be forgiven for wondering what’s going on. After all, it takes three strikes to get a batter … Read more