Java Class Loading: Performance Impact

java.lang.ClassLoader#loadClass() API is used by 3rd party libraries, JDBC Drivers, frameworks, and application servers to load a java class into the memory. Application developers don’t use this API frequently. However when they use the APIs such as ‘java.lang.Class.forName()‘ or ‘org.springframework.util.ClassUtils.forName()‘, they internally call this ‘java.lang.ClassLoader#loadClass()‘ API. Frequent usage of this API amongst different threads at … Read more

selenium – Getting java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at trying to run Tests class

Here’s dropbox_link, if someone wants to investigate. Found myself in a pickle trying to run test scenario, intelliJ throws java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at first step, StepDefinition class down below: package automation.glue; import automation.config.AutomationFrameworkConfiguration; import automation.drivers.DriverSingleton; import automation.pages.CheckoutPage; import automation.pages.HomePage; import automation.pages.SignInPage; import automation.utils.ConfigurationProperties; import automation.utils.Constants; import; import; import; import; import org.junit.Before; import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver; … Read more

java – Get specific subclass fields from parent class with many subclasses?

Being able to refactor your Recipe-classes makes a lot easier for you. Just use OOP If you can, you should introduce an abstract method in the superclass with concrete implementations in subclasses: public abstract class Recipe{ public abstract String getIngredientMeasurementFromRecipe(String ingredient); } public class DessertRecipe extends Recipe{ @Override public String getIngredientMeasurementFromRecipe(String ingredient){ return switch(ingredient){ case … Read more

python – How to add permissions for “class UserRetrtieveUpdateDestroyAPIView(generics.RetrieveUpdateDestroyAPIView)”?

I’ve created a model using an abstract user class model class for Online flight ticket booking. I’m new to this so haven’t added many functionalities to it. I’m sharing my,,, My question: In -> class UserRetrtieveUpdateDestroyAPIView(generics.RetrieveUpdateDestroyAPIView) I want to give access for GET PUT DELETE for only ADMIN and USER … Read more

java – Disable Spring Security config class for @WebMvcTest in Spring Boot

I understand this is a specific question for Spring Boot 1.5 but it seems a bit old. In order to have a successful OAuth2 secured controller unit test running I applied the following steps, kindly notice I used Spring Boot 2.2.6, Gradle 5.x, and JUnit 5. This mechanism should work the same way deprecated ones … Read more

How to pass data to the class of another screen in Flutter/Dart?

I need to pass the value of two variables from one screen to another screen class. I can’t do it. Here is the whole code: import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; import ‘package:csv/csv.dart’; import ‘package:flutter/services.dart’ show rootBundle; import ‘dart:io’; //My classes import ‘./my classes.dart’; void main() => runApp(const MyApp()); class MyApp extends StatelessWidget { const MyApp({Key? key}) : super(key: … Read more

typescript – Why is class X is not assignable to new(…)=> X error ‘occurring’: “Type X’ is not assignable to type ‘new (…args) => X'”?

I am trying to write a graph library in typescript for my application and I try to make it as generic as possible. However, I encounter this problem of type unrecognition in my code and I am not sure why it is happening. In short, BasicVertex is a concrete child class of the abstract class … Read more